June 4 – Innsbruck

It is currently my 5th and final night here in beautiful Innsbruck. I can finally blog about the last 5 days and be all caught up in my blog. I arrived in Innsbruck from Munich on May 31. I couldn't quite figure out how to take public transit to my hostel so I decided to... Continue Reading →


May 18, 2015

I'm officially the worst travel blogger. I know, I know, I haven't blogged since Dublin and since then I've been to Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Amsterdam and I'm just finishing up my week in Paris. Things have been insanely busy ever since Chris and Adrian arrived. Chris arrived on the 27th in Dublin and Adrian arrived the... Continue Reading →

Day 1 in Dublin – April 26, 2015

As if I hadn't already realized the world was small enough. Just a quick recap, I traveled to Australia in January of 2014 and stayed at this small hostel in Sydney...flash forwarding 8 months later when I started working at a bar and this bartender and I figured out we were at the same hostel... Continue Reading →

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