Grad School’s Over…Time for Adventures?

Well, it has been over a year since my last post, which is absolutely ridiculous! That being said, it’s also been over a year since my last trip/adventure (which I think is even more ridiculous). I don’t even know where to begin..hmm. The last year, well…for starters, I’m done grad school, handed in my last assignment April 13th. It was probably the most stressful, rushed and relieving feeling I’ve ever experienced. A project that took a lot of time and effort over the course of the last 3.5 months.

Not much else has changed since the last time I wrote..I mean my boyfriend goes to Dental School now and I visit him every so often. Detroit is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be, there are some beautiful, and some really neat historical places (like America’s Oldest Aquarium, which opened in 1904). Belle Isle (where the aquarium is location) is an island on the Detroit River, almost reminds me of the Toronto Islands, except on Belle Isle you drive across the bridge, whereas in Toronto there are no cars and you take a ferry. Greektown has a lot of cool restaurants (that I still need to try, will let you know once I do) and Corktown has Slow’s BBQ which is pretty dang good, the pulled pork is unreal, the selection of sauces is wonderful and honestly, you cannot leave without trying the carrot cake (just too good).

Belle Isle, Detroit. A little windy on the water’s edge, and in the faint background the infamous Ambassador Bridge.

Another exciting, and almost sad thing is that I moved home this year. I was living right downtown, in the heart of the entertainment/financial district. York and Lakeshore, two min walk to the Roger’s Centre (still wishing it was called the SkyDome) and across the street from the ACC (Air Canada Centre). I was working at the best sports bar in the city and enjoying the lifestyle. What I did not enjoy was the rent, the fact that for half of a 799 sq ft apartment I was spending way beyond my means and started to feel like if I continued I would never be able to save money. So in December, I packed my things and moved back to my childhood room, which is still painted a god awful orange colour I chose when I was 12, help. I mean, I have been home for almost 4 month, you’d think in that time I would have painted it, but to be honest…the furniture is too heavy, the walls are weirdly shaped and it doesn’t bother me enough to change, because all I really do in that room is sleep.

As mentioned, I am done grad school (hence why I have time to write this). I’ve always been a person that wants to travel, see the world, hit every continent (except Antarctica) before I’m 26 (I turned 25 this year). So, instead of doing what most people do when they finish 6 years of school (off and on) get a real job, in the real world, I’ve decided to have a little fun before my like really gets serious. In just a few days (Monday evening) I’ll be on a plane heading toward the 2nd last continent I have yet to hit. Together with two of my girlfriends, we will be heading to Lima, Peru and then straight to Cusco, Peru to get ready to embark on our 4-day Machu Picchu Jungle Trek. I will have to fill you in on the details when I’m back from my latest adventure.

Later this month I’ll also be going on an 8-day road trip to the east coast of Canada with Chris. We will be making stops in Quebec City,Halifax, Cape Breton, and finally, Portland, Maine. It will be a fun and exciting trip and will have to fill you in on those details later.

For now, that’s a brief update on my life, but I need to continue packing!

Until next time,



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