Toronto Blue Jays

#comeTOgether has been a trending hashtag this season for the Toronto Blue Jays (a baseball team here in Toronto). I’ve always loved the Jays and attending games in the summer is one of my favourite things to do in the city. I’ve recently moved downtown Toronto and have had the opportunity to attend a postseason game at the Skydome (or known as the Rogers Centre but really it will ALWAYS be the skydome). The atmosphere in the Skydome is incredible. No words can describe how proud and full of energy everyone is in that place. What’s also unbelievable is how this team brought people from the east and west coasts to Toronto to watch the Blue Jays play in the postseason for the first time in 22 years. The Jays have had the longest playoff drought of any professional team in North America across all leagues.

The postseason has been so exciting, from the unbelievable Game 5 against Texas in the division series to the last two games against Kansas City (KC) in the conference finals. I’ve recently got a job as a bartender at one of the most popular sports bars in the city and have been fortunate enough to work so many of the Jays post season games. People are willing to stand up for 4 hours to enjoy the atmosphere of the bar and #cometogether to watch the Jays be so successful.

Game 5 at work was a long day for me, I started at noon and didn’t go home until about 1 am. From the lunch crowd and the pre Jays game crowd the bar was crazy, everyone was excited that the Jays had made it to game 5 of the first round in the postseason. Throughout the game the people were live, everyone was cheering and having a fun time, and then the 7th inning happen. Some say it’s the inning that changed everything. Started at the top of the 7th when Martin went to throw the ball back to the pitcher and hit the batters bat, in which the ump called the play dead and Texas scored a run. After a challenge it was deemed that the play was not dead and the run by Texas was counted. Going into the bottom of the 7th with Texas up 3-2, it’s not something you can explain, it must be watched. [] Take a look. Honestly working this game was awesome!! After winning we had cannons shoot out streamers and everyone went absolutely nuts, the bar turned into a sports bar to some sort of club like place, literally a couple lady’s got on top of the bar and started dancing!!

The series against KC was a lot tougher and a lot more serious. Everyone still came out and had a good time but coming back to Toronto after losing two is tough on the players and the fans. Jays won game three, and lost game 4, meaning that in order to move on to the World Series they had to win 3 in a row. An amazing game by Estrada and others like Tulowitzki led Jays to victory for game 5. Last night was game 6, I worked on a bar I had never worked on before, very small and only enough room for 2 bartenders. I don’t think I’ve ever run around and sweat that much during work ever! It was a tough game, Jays were down 3-1 at the top of the 8th. Obviously, Jose Bautista hit a 2-run homer to tie the game but and things got extremely exciting at work. I remember I was grabbing a beer from another bar downstairs, walking up the stairs as I saw Jose hit his home run and as I rounded the last flight I saw all the fans upstairs just LOSING their mind, everyone is jumping up and down, hugging, yelling, cheering. Hope was restored. Going into the top of the 9th KC was up 4-3. Martin gets on base and is replaced by Pompey, with Pillar up to bat, Pompey stole 2nd base, pillar walked and Pompey stole 3rd. The next two batters strike out and pillar stole 2nd. Two outs, two on base, Donaldson up to bat. Unfortunately, he got a groundout and the inning is over, the game is over, the road to the World Series is over and worst of all the season is over.  A tough loss, but an incredible season nonetheless.


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