Recapping the rest of my Europe trip…

I think I left off in Florence. Since then I’ve visited Rome, Corfu, Athens and Santorini. The end of my trip was in Scotland with my parents and now I’m home two weeks earlier than originally planned.

The tourist sites in Rome were everything you expected, The Vatican was beautiful and everything about that little City State was holy.The Colosseum was unreal, nothing can describe how cool it is to be inside a structure that is that old. While in Rome we found this really cool Italian restaurant and it was everything you imagined Italian restaurants to be. Welcoming family run business with few employees and amazing food. I’m not even joking we went back THREE times because it was so good.

Colo Pano

After Rome was our Greek adventures. We began in Corfu, the 5th largest Greek island and we stayed at a place called the Pink Palace. Absolutely insane party place. They provide you breakfast and dinner and really cheap drinks so it was a lot of fun. We went on a quad safari the one day and that was the first time I had ever ridden an ATV. It was a fun adventure and we saw a lot of the Corfu island. After a few nights there we left traveling on two ferries and a night bus and after 18 hours or so we made it to Santorini. Santorini was beautiful, it actually looked like the postcards you see. Where we stayed was the south part of the island called Perissa, we were a 2 minute walk from the black sand beaches and a ton of cafes and restaurants. We rented ATV’s and drove around the island to explore the little villages. We made it to Oia (where the famous white buildings and blue tops actually exist). It looks like a scene right out of sisterhood of the traveling pants. On our last full day there we took a boat tour that took us to an active volcano, another island off of the main Santorini Island, hot springs and finally finishing in Oia where we watched the sunset. Absolutely stunning. After Santorini we went to Athens and I did not like that city. It was my least favourite city of my entire trip. We spent most of our time hanging out in our hotel because we didn’t really feel safe being out on the streets. Haley and Dana left for home from Athens and I took an 11 hour trek back to Corfu. I spent the next 4 days in Corfu, including Canada day. During the day on the 1st I was with a few people I met and we found this really cool secluded part of the island. No one was there and it was a bit of a mission to get to, but it was absolutely stunning. That night, well I drank with a bunch of Canadians and Aussie and we sang to some Nickelback and had an absolute blast!! Although, I was hungover for the next who day. On the 4th, the day before the Greek referendum I flew to Scotland to meet my parents.

Beautiful secluded part of Corfu island
Beautiful secluded part of Corfu island
Volcano in Santorini
Volcano in Santorini

We stayed in Edinburgh on the Royal Mile for a few nights before heading through the rest of the country. Stopping in prime spots like St. Andrews where they were preparing for the British Open. The course was closed so we got to roam around freely. We caught Justin Rose practicing on the course and watched him tee off on the 18th hole. It was awesome. We heading to Killin a little village on the outskirts of the highlands where we spent two nights and took day trips from there. We visited Stirling Castle and Dalwhinnie distillery, which is the highest elevated distillery in Scotland and it was 9 degrees when we were there..not okay. We made it up further in the Highlands passing the famous three sisters mountains and staying near Glencoe. We then trekked back down to the Scottish borders where we stayed near dumfries. We found the village of Ormiston, which has no town centre and only one pub so naturally we went in for a drink. We found ourselves back in Edinburgh for the end of the trip. I was suppose to continue my trip for another two weeks but I was a) broke and b) a little home sick. Traveling and backpacking is incredible but can be unbelievably tiring.

Ormiston village
Ormiston village
Having lunch at St. Andrews Golf Course
Having lunch at St. Andrews Golf Course

I came home two weeks early without many people finding out. My plan was for it to be a surprise. I didn’t really care who found out as long as it wasn’t Christopher. I felt bad lying to him telling him I was still in Scotland while my parents were on a plane home, but it was definitely worth his reaction. We left Scotland at 8:30am and flew to Toronto, arriving in Toronto about 10:10am. By the time I got home, showered and had lunch it was about 1:40pm and I left for my three hour drive to his cottage. They had friends visiting the cottage so when I arrived I was greeted by the couple that was staying there and I chatted with them while Chris was still at work. We must have been talking for a while and we didn’t hear Chris pull into the driveway. Anyways, I got up and ran into Brianna’s room (his sister) and told her I was hiding. She called him in a panic saying that she thinks she forgot her wallet in her room and that he needed to go in her room to check. (As I’m writing this I’m getting butterflies and nervous, which is EXACTLY how I felt in this moment). Anyways, I heard his voice and saw him in the doorway, phone to his ear talking to his sister. As he opened the door he was shocked that there was a human in the room and even more shocked that it was me. He looked at me and the only words that escaped were “holy fuck!”. I was laughing and he put the phone down. We literally hugged and said not words for a good two minutes and to be honest I was fighting back tears (so lame). I think the first thing I actually said to him was “You’re so dirty” because he had just come home from work, was covered in filth and had the funniest hat hair. It was such a fun surprise and didn’t feel real that I was home but I’m very glad I came home early. Especially for that reaction!! He took the next day off and we spent the day in Peterborough and around the cottage!

Just a little throwback to Paris with my favourite human.
Just a little throwback to Paris with my favourite human.

Well, that’s about the end of my adventures for now and I’m not sure when my next big adventure around the world will be but my next big life adventure is starting my masters in just over a month at Ryerson.

Until next time,



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