June 4 – Innsbruck

It is currently my 5th and final night here in beautiful Innsbruck. I can finally blog about the last 5 days and be all caught up in my blog. I arrived in Innsbruck from Munich on May 31. I couldn’t quite figure out how to take public transit to my hostel so I decided to follow my maps and walk. My hostel was 2.5km away from the main train station where I had arrived. After going the wrong way once or twice and passing a few of the same people that just gave me funny looks I made it to the hostel in just over an hour. You can imagine that wearing a bag on your back weighing about 14kg and then another pack on your front weighing probably half that, and walking for just over an hour, I was a digusting, sweaty mess when I arrived. The rooms in this hostel are pretty nice and the view from my room was undescribale. Absolutely stunning. I didn’t do much the day I arrived because it was Sunday and nothing was really open, I bought groceries, made dinner and pretty much went to bed. I had three girls from Wisconsin in my room and they were really nice.

June 1st was suppose to rain, much like the forcast for the entire week. I got up so early because the sun was so bright. I decided to purchase a 72 hour Innsbruck card. This card is catered especially to tourists and the value for money is incredible. You get free access to basically all of the tourist attractions and then all public transit for free. I definitely got my money’s worth in the 72 hour period. I started my day off by going into the old town, tried to get my bearins of the city. I walked from the main train station into the city centre where I passed a famous arc of Innsbruck, it’s like a mini arc de triomphe. Continuing down the main stretch of the city centre I came across the column, cit’s called St. Ann’s Column. (I googled all the major icons in Innsbruck before exploring the city so I knew what I would be looking at). I found the informaiton centre and in there I signed up for a walking tour of the old town, which is free with the Innsbruck card. I walked through the old town and saw two more things I had googled. The golden roof, which is very famous and the old clock tower. I had until 2pm to kill before going on the walking tour and it was only 10:30. I browsed around the old town and picked up a few postcards before finding a spot at a cafe in the middle of the old town. I basically people watched and wrote my postcard and had lunch for an hour and a half. Then I sent my postcard to Chris and told him he would absolutely love it in Innsbruck. I walked along the river for a little bit, went up the clock tower, which had a spectacular view and then went to the golden roof museum (which was poo). Finally it was time for the walking tour. It was a nice historical lesson about Innsbruck and the old town. I was exhausted by then and headed back to the hostel to make some dinner.


View from the clock tower

The next day, on the second I decided to get up early and head for one of the mountains. There are two mountains where you can table cable cars to and get to the top, all prices included with your Innsbruck card. I took the bus to the point where the cable car ran and went to the very top. I think it was something like 2000m above sea level. It was a little cloudy so cloudy moved passed us on the top of the mountain quite a bit. It was a lit cooler up top, if you can imagine. I wore shorts and a tank top and brought pants, a sweater and a jacket. Ou, I forgot that this was the day that strange things happened to me. While taking the tram to catch the bus, I sat on the tram with my headphones in when this older woman tapped me on the shoulder and started speaking German at me (obviously not to me becuase I had no clue what she was saying). I told her I only spoke English and she said have a nice day in English so I said thank you, you too! Later on, while I was at the top of the mountain a group of chinese people were there. They just so happen to be the same group that was up the clock tower the same time as me the day before. The one guy had a graduation cap on as well as a gown and he asked to take a picture with me. Four of them looked at me and waited for me to answer so reluctatly I said yes, but holding up the peace sign in the picture was quite satisfying. I went back down the mountain on the cable car and then continued town the tram but stopped at the Alpine Zoo. My favourite animal there was the brown bear, it was so cute but I felt bad for it. I don’t think I did much else that day, on my way back I was sittin g at the statio waiting for the tram, this old man stood in front of me looked at me and started yelling something to me in German, I looked at him confused and then he walked away, the guy standing beside where I was sitting looked at me and giggled to himself. I have no idea what happened. When I got back I made dinner and went back to my room. The Wisconsin girls had left and I had the room to myself until later that night when 3 English guys came in. They were super nice adn we planned to go up the other mountain in the morning.

We woke up fairly early on the morning of June 3rd, we made our way to the cable car that took us to about 1952m above sea level, but the peak was at about 2248m. We hiked to the top, it was warm and we were passed a couple of times by some military vehicles going up and down the mountain. When we reached the top we had a snack and expored the view. There was a military base of some sort at the top, which would explain the vehicles and the soliders roaming the peak with rifles. There was snow in some places along our walk to the top and at the top, we started playing around with it and on our way down had a snowball fightm which was a lot of fun. I went back to the hostel to shower and stuff while the guys explored more f the city. We went for dinner and then grabbed some drinks before heading back to our hostel room to play some cards. We payed poker and bet pretzel sticks, it was fun night.

This morning I planned on going to  the castle near by, but the hostel was a little bit confused and told me I had to check out. I sternly told them that they were wrong and I had one more night. She wasn’t the nicest about it and I got pretty angry. I was a little bit rude but I don’t care. They made me pack all of my things and move to a different room. My card expired at 12 and it was around 11ish when I had to do this, I was not happy. After I moved I went into town to do laundry, grabbed some food from the grocery store and spent the rest of the day at the hostel. I talked to quite a few people today, may be a daily record for me since being in Inssbruck. It’s such a beautiful place but I’m not going to lie if it wasn’t for the people in my room I would have been a lot mmore lonely.


back view from one of the peaks. Tje otherside was Innsbruck


another spectacular view

I’m taking a train to  Venice tomorrow to meet up with my friend HALEY from home. I’m so excited.
Until next time,



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