June 3 – recap of Berlin and Munich (may 23 – 31)

I hope you’ve been able to keep up with the speed of these blogs. Also, apparently I need to proof read my work (sorry mom, there’s no spell check on wordpress). Also between me typing on my leyboard and the words appearing on the screen is a ridiculously long lag, so I just type and hope for the best. I’m hoping I can get through Berlin and Munich without making this too long and then I can start getting into Innsbruck.

Berlin – may 23-27:

We took a bus from Prague to Berlin on the morning of the 23rd. The bus was luxorious compared to all the other ones we had been on. There was a lady chcking you in and tagging your bags to be put under the bus. On previous buses you all kind of chuck you bag and hope it makes it to your destination. We had assigned seats and ours were right in front of the stairs in the middle of the bus, which was convenient because we could put our seats really far back, but we were right over top of the toilet. There was a bus attendant that gave us free cappuccinos and tvs on the backs of seats so we could watch movies, not to mention free wifi until we entered Germany. The bus ride was definitely comfortable. Once we got into Germany the passport control people came onto the bus to check our passports. The lady questioned mine and Chris’ passport because we only had a stamp from Ireland. This is because leaving the UK we only had our passports scanned and we crossed the border by land so we did not get a stamp from continental Europe. She believed us and handed back our passports. One guy however had documents that did not look so legitmate, they ended up taking his documents and then taking him off the bus. Made for a pretty exciting time. Due to this we were a little bit delayed and were late meeting up with our host for our second airbnb experience. This experience, just like the first was great. The location was a little far from the city centre but I definitely couldn’t complain becuase the underground station was 100m from our door. We got there at around dinner time so we went for some food, we found the little asian restaurant (obviously) that was close to us and cheap. The food was great and we definitely thought we should go back there again. We also got groceries so we could save some money. We had been eating eggs for breakfast a lot and grew tired of them, so we decided to go for cereal but obviously couldn’t make a decision. So, like 12 year olds we got two cereal variety packs. It was a Saturday night so we thought we should head out for a drink, we were having so much un just drinking and talking and watching videos that we lost track of time. By the time we left it was almost midnight. We went to an area called Alexanderplatz because we thought that’s where the bars would be, we walked up to the bar and the bouncer took one look at me and said no. I was a little taken aback but I realized it was because I had sandals on and that’s not something they really allow, which is strange. We wandered around for 30-40 mins and we were about to give up when we saw this place that said Kareoke Bar. Chris and I do enjoy our kareoke so we thought we would pop in to see what it was like. The waitresses were dressed up in cute little costumes and there were a variety of people in there, but I think besdes a group of 6, barely legal guys we were the youngest. They played some real old classics and they had a boxing ring as a dance floor, there wasn’t kareoke that night but it was so entertaining. This one guy was on stage almost the entire time, I think he worked there, his dance moves were out of this world. Like so so so awful, the only thing he had going for him was his hair, it wasn’t even a good hair cut but his hair moved everywhere while he “danced”. After a couple drinks we decided to head home.

The next mornin we did our usual walking tour. This time we had an unbelievable tour guide from the UK, he has been touring for almost 5 years and is doing his PhD in history. I felt as though it was really important to know what you are talking about in terms of the historical aspects in Berlin. We had a brief overview of history in Germany and Berlin and started the tour at the Holocaust memorial, it was such an incredible site. We stood on top of Hitler’s bunker, which is now just a parking lot. I think that’s really important not to create a museum or anything like that because it’s not really something to be proud of, and it would become a shrine for neo-nazis. The tour took about 3 hours as it usually does, I think we ended up just walking around and then headed back to our airbnb for dinner and called it a night.

The 25th of may we did not do much, it was such a beautiful day so we decided that we would have lunch and then go to the holocaust memorial. Unfortunately the line was so long and we had a slow start to the day so we didn’t want to wait in a massive line. We went to the park instead and enjoyed the weather. We got back fairly early as we wanted to start drinking and eat so that we would make maybe one pub crawl on time.  Guess what? We were late once again for this pub crawl. It was a fun time we met a lot of people from Wisconsin and went to some cool places.  After the pub crawl it took us a good 2.5 hours to get home. SUCH a mission.

before the pub crawl

The 26th was Chris’ last day full day in Berlin and the day before he went back to Dublin, I was feeling a little upset that day because of it. We had a Third Reich tour with the same tour guide as before and that was a really eye opening and interesting tour. We learned about the rise and fall of the Nazis and saw some really neat things in Berlin. After that we went to the East Side Gallery. It is a 1.3km wall full of paintings, unfortunately it’s really graffitied but still an amazing place. By the time we were done that we were absolutely pooped. We called it an early night as well, just wanted to hangout.


east side gallery

On Chris’ last day in Berlin we went to the Holocaust memorial and the Topography of Terror Museum. A pretty heavy morning for our last day. Then we grabbed some lunch before resentfully getting his things and heading for the airport. We got to the airport 3 hours before his flight but he couldn’t check in for an hour so we got to hangout at the sirport before I left him. I’m actually not an emotional person, or at least I try not to be. I shed more than a few tears when I said goodbye to him because a) I was obviously sad and b) because this month went by way too quickly.  It was may 27th and my returne flight is July 30th actually the most depressing thing to think about and I refuse to think about it. I went to the hostel I had booked for that night , grabbed some food and met some people and talked to them for a while before going to bed. I left for Munich in the mornng.

Munich – May 28-31:

I arrived and walked to my hostel , which was not a far walk from the bus stop at all. I met a guy in my room from Scotland named Sam, he was funny. We grabbed some food and had a beer where we met more Scottish guys. Let me tell you, even though they are speaking English it is so hard to keep up with them. I was entertained though. They ended up going out that night but I was exhausted from traveling so I stayed in. The next day I did a free walking tour, it was nice to see the old part of Munich and crazy that almost the entire city was destroyed and completed reconstructed to the designs that existed before the war. On the tour a met a group of Americans wand a couple Canadians, we all went to one of the biggest beer gardens in Munich to have a drink. After the drink I went back to shower and then to meet up witht he American guys and one of their brothers who’s living in Germany. We went out for dinner and then to the Haufbrahaus, which is a giant beer hall with music and 1L beers. It was fun and afterwards I went back to my hostel. When I got back the Scottish guys plus even more Scottish guys were going out, so naturally I joined. We went to this three storey club, it was pretty insane but quite a bit of fun. I left at about 2am to go home because I was so exhausted. The 30th was my last full day in Munich and I was feeling like absolute crap. I think it was a mix of being sick and being homesick. I’ve never in my life wanted to come home early from traveling but I was just having a really off day.  I met up with the American guys and we grabbed some traditional breakfast some white sausagess and a pretzel. After we wanted to climb to the top of the tower so we could get a good view of Munich but it was too windy and the tower was closed. I ended up going back to my hostel and passing out for a little while. I just felt like absolute junk all day and pretty much stayed in bed. The next morning I left for Innsbruck and that’s where I still am. I’ll do a recap of that tomorrow.

Until next time,



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