June 1st – recap of Amsterdam (May 7-11)

Amsterdam May 7-11:

On the morning of the 7th we took a bus to Amsterdam. It was an interesting experience to say the least. The bus driver was intimidating but also kind of funny. Once we got to where the chunnel was to get to continental Europe we had to go through passport security. The busdriver told us to go through passport check and get right on the bus, one lady did not back it back to the bus in time and we left without her. Absolutely ruthless but at least it wasn’t us. We traveled on the bus for 12 hours no stops, the guy was nuts. By the end of the 12 hours Chris was not feeling so well. By the tiime we got to the hostel it was late and we just went to bed. The next day he was still feeling like absolute poo. We did a walking tour of Amsterdam and that was awesome, through the red light district which was unexplainable, I’m not even exaggerating when I say the women were standing in windows with red lights shining down on them, tapping on the windows trying to lure guys in (keep in mind this was at 11am), we also went to a famous coffee shop featured in Oceans 12 and of course saw a few churches. Many sailors back in the day used to go to the red light district then immediately to the church located in the centre to confess their sins. After our walking tour we went for a traditional dutch meal, I can’t remember what it’s called but essentially it was a sausage with some mash potatoes mixed with carrots and onions (I believe) and gravy, absolutely delicious. Chris was still feeling really sick, he had a fever and the chills. He was basically in bed for the rest of the day and night. I went out to find him some meds but unfortunately the pharmacy was closed. I resorted to some tea from Starbucks (it’s insane how Americanized and Westernized the rest of the world is). Adrian and I went out with the rest of our room, a guy from Atlanta and two girls from Germany. It was a fun night, we ended up going to a club that had an average age of about 35-40 so we were fairly young. It was pretty fun though, Adrian was in his element dancing on the table with a pole, it was great all the ladies were loving him. I asked the room if they heard snoring the night before and they all said yes, hahah…I know exactly who it was, haha Christopher…..  When we got back to the hostel poor Chris was still awake and still sick, I felt so bad for him.  

The next morning was the 9th of May I believe, we got up nice and early. Chris still feeling like shit, but we could not waste a day. We walked to the Anne Frank House, we got to the entrance and realized the line was quite long. It went around the corner and then around the corner again. The first part of the line moved quite quickly to our surprise and we decided to have a bet to see how long we would be waiting in line. Our original guesses were not long enough as we quickly approached the time without becoming closer to the entrance. We were all allowed a second guess and we made our wager s well. This is the second time Chris and I have had a wager on a bet and I lost the first one so I was not about to lose th (they first wager was over bowling and the loser had to buy dinner, this one was no different, the losers had to pay for lunch). 2.5 hours we waited to get into the Anne Frank House, and in the end Adrian and I had to buy Chris lunch (THE WORST).  The Anne Frank house was more than I expected, obviously moving but to my surprise quite a large hiding space. Two stories in the back of the house plus the attic. I mean it was by no means spacious considering 8 people (I believe) lived there. After that we went to all you can eat dimsum in Chinatown just outside the red ilght district. AAfter lunch we went on a canal ride, the canals in Amsterdam were awesome. Unfortunately we were so tired from our morning we all started passing out. We went back to our hostel for a quick nap before our pubcrawl. Obviously we were late for the pubcrawl, we have yet to make one on time. It was a great time, we met this couple from Florida that were on our walking tour so we hung out with them for the majority of the night. 8pm to 2am of drinking I was obviously hammered so Chris and I decided to make our way back to the hostel so I could go to bed (because I’m a grandma).

May 10th was our last full day in Amsterdam and when we woke up in the morning Adrian was so hungover haha. Chris and I went to went for breakfast and then for a little walk about. We had a lovely breakfast and Chris finished it off with some gelato at like noon. We then tried to find the famous coffee shop from the movie OCeans 12 and though we were unsuccessful we did find a coffee shop. I’m just going to leave it at that, I’ll let you imagination take you on a ride and you can just imagine what our coffee shop experience was lie (details only disclosed in my journal…sorry). WWe got back to the hostel and had a nap while Adrian went shopping and in the evening we went to Vondel park to take pictures with one of the famous I amsterdam sign. Unfortunately for Adrian there were a ton of people walking around it and in front of it so his picture wasn’t completely  empty. BUT for Chris and I there were actually zero people in fron of the sign it was perfect.That night I think we packed and took it easy because we headed for Paris in the morning by bus.

This picture of the three of us would have been perfect if it wasn’t for those children!!


That’s it for now, hopefully I can get 8 days of Paris done tonight, 

Until next time,



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