May 27th – Recap of London (may 2-7) 

Apparently I’ve been awful and keeping track of what I have and haven’t blogged and it seems as though there is some overlap, oh well. Right now I’m currently in Berlin, Germany for my last night and head to Munich tomorrow morning, it will be the first part of my trip where I’m completely alone. Before I get into my current status I should really talk about London, Amsterdam, Paris and Prague.

London, England May 2-7:

We flew from Edinburgh to London and my friend Jermeny let us stay at his old apartment which was awesome. He kindly got us an Uber to his place as it was a little bit difficult for us to navigate there. We were going to be staying with his hold roommate Jackie and her cousin. Adrian, Chris and I arrived relatively late and the girls were already asleep. The first night I slept on the couch and the boys took the room, which was cool the bed was comfortable. We were a little bit away from the city centre, or the main train station called Waterloo so trying to navigate there proved tp be a little difficult. We wanted to take a Sandemands walking tour, like we had been doing the first morning to get our bearings, but unfortunately we didn’t get up in time or make it to a tour. We made it to the Watrerloo station where we went to see the London Eye, which as just out of the station, followed by walking to Big Ben, Westminister Abbey and finally Buckingham Palace. We arrived in London the day after the Royal baby was born so there was still alot of commotion happening. We arrived at Buckingham Palace in time for the changing of the guards, so we saw the great front gates open, which is pretty cool if you ask me. 


Adrian, Chris and I at the Buckingham Palace, celebrating the royal baby!!
The next day, May 4th we finally made it to our walking tour. Cutting it pretty close, so close we had to grab food and eat on the way, which was not the most appetizing thing to do. Chris was getting hangry, I was secretly giggling at how frustrated he was getting, but totally get how he felt, when I’m hangry it is not a pretty sight. (For those who don’t know what hangry means, it’s basically you’re so hungry that you’re angry, more of a hunger frustration…the only cure, food). After the walking tour we went back to where we were staying to get ready for a BBQ, we arrived on a long weekend (a bank holiday, which actually turns out to be ou1st of 3 bank holidays that we end up encountering in the cities we visited). Chris’ friend Brook lived about a 10 minute walk from where we were staying and invited us to aBBQ, it was a lot of fun. The weather was great, considering it was London and we met a lot of really cool people. It was quite a fun experience, honestly I was expecting to show up and be a fish out of water, but it was really nice because Brook had met some of the people at his BBQ from traevling and we all just happen to be around at the same time. It was quite inclusive and a ton of fun!! 

May 5th Chris and I went to the British museum, which was awesome and what’s really great about London is that all the museums are free. After that we met up with Adrian and did an Old City of London walking tour. That was super interesting and we definitely learned lots. One of the most interesting parts was finding out that London Bridge is actually an ugly concrete bridge and the actual famous pretty bridge next to it is called Tower Bridge. That night we met up with Justin, my buddy from school. It was his last night in England, we went to a pub but unfortunately it was closing. Adrian wanted to go to a bar called G.A.Y. so after our drink we made our way over there. Unfortunately we didn’t get in because the bouncer wouldn’t let Chris or Justin into the bar, which is something that I’ve never experienced before. Later we heading to the club version of this bar and we all got in, it was loud and quite entertaining. 

May 6th was Adrian’s last day before he headed to Amsterdam. That morning we went to St. Paul’s Cathedral, it was beautiful. I didn’t take any pictures becuase we weren’t really suppose to.  The detail on the walls and ceilings were incredible, something that is must see. We went into the crypt where the architect of the cathedral was burried, along with many families and the Duke of Wellington. There was a giant stone coffin for his corpse and when he died 1 million people showed up to the cathedral for his funeral! Absolutely incredible. We went upstairs above the mass hall to a room called the whisper room. The acoustics in that room is suppose to be so good you can hear someone whispering from the other side of the room. Being skeptical about the process we gave it a gone and were pleasantly surprised. After that we met up with Jeremy to catch up and thank him for his apartment and after that Adrian left us. Chris and I went to the Science and Natural History museums and then walked through a very windy Hyde Park. We stayed in that night as we had a long bus ride ahead of us.

Amsterdam and other spots to follow this blog.

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  1. We had a blast in London as well. We did Madame Tussaud’s Museum and Harry Potter. The changing of the guard was really cool, my grandfather was a Grenadier Guard in Montreal back in the day and used to tell us stories of sentry duty. Loren is hoping to attend the London School of Journalism when she completes her BA next year in France. Have fun and know that if you want to visit the French Alpes we are here with a room ready to go…


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