May 18, 2015

I’m officially the worst travel blogger. I know, I know, I haven’t blogged since Dublin and since then I’ve been to Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Amsterdam and I’m just finishing up my week in Paris. Things have been insanely busy ever since Chris and Adrian arrived. Chris arrived on the 27th in Dublin and Adrian arrived the 28th. 

Dublin – April 26-30:

Chris arrived later than expected on the 27th, his flight was delayed about 6 hours. Chris and I did a pub crawl on his first night, which was awesome we met some pretty cool people. We went to see Trinity College ourselves before Adrian arrived on the morning of the 2th. One of the top touristy things we did was spend the afternoon at the Guinness Store. The was probably one of my most favourite things in Dublin. We got to see the entire process of what makes each pint of Guinness perfect. There was a tasting room where we were able to smell the different scents that make up a pint and then we all got samples of Guinness. A master taster taught us how to properly taste Guinness. If any of you have ever tried Guinness and didn’t like it I bet it was because you drank it wrong. Did you know? You’re suppose to take a generous gulp of Guinness and swish it around your mouth before swallowing, this was to get the full flavour of a Guinness pint. If you just took a little sip it would be bitter and not that tasty, they is because you would have been tasting the creamy head, which I learned was the most bitter part of the pint. After the tasting room Chris and I decided to use our tickets to pour our own pints of Guinness and Adrian decided to save his for the upstairs Gravity bar. Mistakenly I answered yes to having poured a pint of Guinness before. I was told to demonstrate in front of about 15 people. Thankfully I had been taught properly and didn’t do too bad! We earned little certificates. We did a free walking tour with Sandemans New Europe group, that was awesome and highly recommended. They are all over Europe so we’ve been taking advantage of that. After that we visited Kilmainham Gaol, which is an important icon in DUblin history, it marks a bloody, famine filled and treacherous time for Dublin. We left for Scotland the following day, flying into Glasgow and then making our way to Edinburgh.


Guinness moustaches

Glasgow and Edinburgh – April 30 – May 2:

We arrived in Glasgow, collected our bags and heading to the bus station where we were suppose to catch our bus to Edinbugh. We had about 5-6 hours to kill before the bus left so we stored our bags in lockers and went to find some lunch and walked around this city. I never throught anything of Glasgow, had no desire to go, but some of the buildings were awesome. There were two large pedestrian streets strictly filled with restaurants and stores for tourists alike. We walked up and down these streets for a whille, obviously not buying anything because we are poor backpackers on a budget. We also went up to the top of this lighthouse or watchtower or something in the middle of the city. Long windy stairs up was definitely hurting my glutes, but the view was worth the pain.


Adrian at the bottom of the stairwell

That evening we went got on a bus to Edinburgh. Once we got there we started our trek up this giant hill toward Edinburgh, our hstel was situated on the road just below the castle. There was a spectacular view from where we stood outside our hostel to the Castle. Our hostel was called Castle Rock Hostel, located just off the royal mile. The Royal Mile is the strech of road from the Edinburgh Castle to the new palace (about a mile away). We did a walking our on the 1st of May, our tour guide was Australian but he was awesome, super knowledgable and made the tour interactive and fun. During the break of our three hour walking tour we decided to purchase an Edinburgh castle tour becuase why not get the background history, it’s definitely better to know what you’re looking at and the hostory behind everything. One thing our tour guide David talked a lot about was the stone of destiny, this is the stone that royalty get coronated on.  This means once the Queen passes away the next in line will be coronated as they sit on this precious stne, which currently resodes in the Edinburgh castrle. It’s funny because it’s so symbolically special, but  I’m not going to lie… when I saw it, I laughed. Chris and I were both just like …is this for real? I’m not even going to describe to you what it looks like, but it’s comparable to seeing the Mona Lisa for the first time and you laugh at how small it actually is and why it’s such an icon artifact. That night we attended a pubcrawl, it was awesome we went to a few really sweet bars. I really enjoyed the vodka bar we went to, they had so many different types of vodka, mmmm my favourite. The last bar we went to was mine and Chris’ favourite bar. It was a rugby bar, had live music a little dance floor and the atmosphere was absolutely amazing. After that we left for a club called The Hive, it was like Phil’s on steroids, multiple dance floors and super young people. Adrian was in his element,, dancing up a storm and making friends. At one point  i stood back and almost, almost is the key word here, brushed against this girl and she flipped she shit on me. It was laughable that she didn’t want people in her personal space, like hello you’re on the dance floor lady, I didn’t even touch you, goodbye. I honestly didn’t want to fight her because she was at least double my size and I wasn’t really in the mood to get sat on. haha mean, but whatever. 

I found a guy with a Pylon hat, so I decided to be Dion for the night. (Leaf fans will get this)

We got drunk food after that and the next day it was already time for us to leave. We didn’t have a flight out til London until the evening, so we decided to climb Arthur’s seat. It’s a hill in the old part of Edinburgh at the end of the Royal Mile, the view fro the top is spectacular, but all pictures did not do the view justice. It took us 23 minutes to climb to the top, it was a windy and tough climb but so worth it. We stayed at the top for quite some time, definitely a place that I could sit for hours njust staring into the city. I like being adventurous, so I tried to get as close to the edge as I could, it got pretty scary but was thrilling nonetheless. We headed to the airport shortly after our little escapade up the “hill”.


On top of Arthur’s seat

 I’ve written about more than enough in this blogg and the next three destinations will also have a lot of writingo I’m going to leave this as is. Enjoy, Until next time



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