April 28, 2015 – Dublin day 3

Yesterday was slow moving, I wanted to get up early and do a walking tour of the city but that didn’t happen. I met a few girls from the states – while I waited for Chris to arrive I followed the girls to a famous pastry place called queen of tarts. I probably should have gotten a pastry but instead I got homemade Tomatoe and fennel soup with pesto crutons. Chris arrived yesterday afternoon and after a quick walk around to get some pie we stopped at the grocery store to grab a bottle of wine. After drinking the bottle (obviously I only drank like 1/4 of it) we followed a group from the hostel on a pub crawl to some pretty cool local pubs.

This morning Chris and I toured around the Trinity College campus. It is so beautiful, and all of the lawns are perfectly green, you may be wondering how these lawns were so perfect and I can tell you exactly why…every lawn had a sign saying Keep off lawn! It started pouring on our way back to our hostel and thankfully we were fully equipped with our umbrellas…too bad mine was $5 from Walmart and almost blew away a few times before finally flipping inside out, eventually I just gave up. Adrian was already at the hostel when we got there and after a couple coffees we were on our way to start the adventures of Adrian, Chris and Jenn. 

Our first stop was the Guinness tour, we walked around the entire perimeter of the actually brewery, which of course wasn’t where the tour is. Nonetheless it was awesome walking this way, we passed by the doors of the factory where there were hundreds if not thousands of Guinness kegs on skids ready to be shipped. The entire perimeter of the actually brewery was like a fortress. When we finally made it into the storehouse for the tour it took us a long time to get through. I really wanted to read all about the brewing process, not only was it impressive that they’ve been brewing Guinness since 1759 but Arthur Guinness did some pretty incredible things. First off he siged a lease for 9000 years and his wife was pregnant for 16 years of her life, giving birth to 21 children in which only 10 survived. What was also neat was the barrel making proccess where Guinness was stored. After that we went to the tasting room where we smelled the different flavours in a pint of Guinness and then learned how to taste it. After that we learned how to pour a proper pint of Guinness, the pour master asked the group if anyone had poured a Guinness before. I put my hand up, which was a mistake because he made me demonstrate how to pour a proper pint. I didn’t do a bad job demonstrating and after that we all got to pour our perfect pints! We ended up with a certificate from the Guinness Academy. WE took our beers up to the gravity bar via elevator. The elevator was glass and reminded me of the willy wonka elevator, it was super neat. The gravity bar was unreal, we got to see the entire city scape from up above it was incredible. The three of us were starving after and headed to the closest bar/pub with food. Just outside the storehouse we stumbled upon an Irish pub serving traditional Irish stew and my goodness…probably one of the best stews I’ve ever had. 

We took a stroll to find a few destination spots for tomorrow before heading back to the hostel. Chris and Adrian are both tuckered out as they are passed out as I write this blog post. We’ll see what tomorrow has instore for us!!

Until next time, 



Chris and I with our perfectly poured Guinness’



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