Day 1 in Dublin – April 26, 2015

As if I hadn’t already realized the world was small enough. Just a quick recap, I traveled to Australia in January of 2014 and stayed at this small hostel in Sydney…flash forwarding 8 months later when I started working at a bar and this bartender and I figured out we were at the same hostel at the same time, didn’t know each other but had a group picture together and we didn’t meet until September (like I said, 8 months later). Ok, so with that in mind.. bringing it back to my first day in Dublin. I talked to a total of three people today (unless from now until I go to bed someone approaches me). The first person I talked to was Canadian, he was on my flight but we didn’t speak until the bus ride into the city centre, from Ottawa in Dublin for the day, nothing too exciting but meeting Canadians is always exciting. The second person I spoke to was when I arrived at the hostel, he was traveling alone for a week before heading to Southern Ireland for his friends wedding. He was also Canadian and from Mississauga, which is really close to home. Finally, the conversation that absolute blew my mind and further supports my thoughts on how it’s no longer 6 degrees of separation, in’s usually always less. 

I went for dinner by myself to a place called cafe Oscars, which is directly across from my hostel. Being alone I sat at the bar, the bartender asked for my drink order and everytime he talked I realized I had to ask him to repeat himself (either I was really deaf or I had a hard time understanding Irish accents, or both). I ordered my drink and my food and we started chatting. The usual way to bgegin conversations, where you’re from and where abouts in Canada, where are you traveling to, etc. He told me about a bar in Brussels that I need to go to called Delirium (if I remembered that name correctly I’ll be impressed with myself). I asked him if he lived in Brussels he said he lived about an hour away, I asked where and he said Louvain-la-neuve, right then in my head I was like no way. Apparently it’s  a really small pedestrian town and my friend Katelyn studies there last winter as an exchange for school. I told him my friend went there on exchange and he asked who, there could have been a million people, the chances of him actually knowing her was slim. I said her name and he was like yeah I think I know her, her last name is so Irish I couldn’t forget that. I was like yea, I’ll show you a picture she hungout with an Irish guy named Tom (thinking he would know the guy). He looked at me and laughed while saying he was Tom. I literally lost my mind, mostly in my head…I showed him the picture and he was like yup I know her! I still cannot believe it. The first Irish guy I had a conversation with on my first day in Dublin knows my best friend from home. What are the n  chances? I messaged katelyn instantly and of course she didn’t believe me and demanded a selfie with him, so we took one and sent it. This world id insanely small and I cannot wait to see what other neat connection I make on this trip.

Until next time,



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