The European Adventure Begins…

Just four days ago I was working my last shift at Moxie’s. I still had a full bedroom of clothes and nothing for my trip packed. Let me begin but stating how stressful the last four days have been, it was the worst I haven’t been that last minute about things in a long time. Luckily I didn’t have any exams unlike Chris and Adrian who are also joining me on this adventure. Although I wish we were all flying out together, there is some sort of thrill in traveling on your own. I’m excited to land in Dublin 1 day before Chris and 2 days before Adrian so I can scope out the area. I’m also beyond excited to be traveling with the both of them, I know we are going to have some pretty crazy stories (some may not be completed appropriate for the internet, so some screening may happen). 

My flight departs at 9:45 tonight (April 25, 2015) and I’m currently sitting in the terminal 2 hours before my departure writing the official first entry of my European adventures. There is so much to look forward to in the next few days let alone the next few months. There is nothing I want more than to walk through foreign cities and get lost in the rich history of the buildings, cobblestone roads, old old pubs and of course indulge in some local food and beverages (cannot forget about the beverages). 

I think that Dublin will be a great city to begin our adventure, I chose this city because a) it was the cheapest to fly into (backpacker budget) and b) because I feel like the atmosphere will be so inviting, we will meet a ton of people. The second stop on this European tour is Glasgow for the day before heading to Edinburgh. We will be finishing off our UK tour in London, possibly venturing outside the city for a day trip. Thank goodness for my friend Jeremy who lives in London and letting us stay at his place because my backpacker budget would diminsh a lot quicker if he didn’t offer his place for us to stay (forever grateful). We are hoping to catch a fun night out in London, because apparently may 5th is a holiday so may 4 should be an exciting night out (only knew this cause of Jer, I take no credit). After that we don’t have anything else set in stone. However, the tentative plans seems to following something like, Amsterdam, Brussles, Paris and then Prague. Part of the adventure is not knowing where you’ll be staying and just showing up to a city and winging it. My mom asked me where I would sleep if all the hostels were full and I simply replied “where ever I can…airport, any public building”. Obviously I hope that I will always have a bed to sleep in but if not then I’ve got one more exciting travel story to tell.

Honestly, not quite sure what I’m going to do for the next hour or so while I wait to board my flight, maybe read a book, or check how many instagram likes I have (because that’s what life’s all about right?)

Anyways, I’ll keep you all posted about our adventures,

Until next time,




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