20 days

My next big adventure begins in just twenty days. I can’t believe I’ll be boarding a flight to Dublin, Ireland about to start my journey through Europe. I also cannot wait for all the memories I will make with the incredible people that I am traveling with along the way, as well as all the people I will meet while away.

I have gotten so much advise about what I must see and what I must do! I’m so worried about not having enough time to see everything I want to see, but I realize that this is not like my last trip and I cannot cancel my flight home and extend.

20 days from now, not only will I be starting a whole new adventure, it will be the first day of a series of new adventures that I will be experiencing over the next couple of years.

As mentioned above, Dublin, Ireland is my first destination. I plan on doing the classic Guinness and Jameson tours, as well as exploring the city and possibly some of the countryside. I was told that I absolutely need to visit Galway. The next few destinations will be in the UK, followed by Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and Prague. I cannot wait to blog all about these adventures!

I know there are so many people that have traveled through Europe – so if you have any tips or suggestions I’m all ears!

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