Europe 2015

A couple weeks ago, just before the new year to be exact, I went to a travel agent to inquire about flights to Europe. I’ve been thinking about a backing trip ti Europe for quite sometime. Pretty much ever since I got home from my Southeast Asia trip. We found some really great prices that day while at the travel agent and I decided, what the hell might as well book it. So then and there, I booked a 96 day backpacking trip to Europe. Flying in and out of Dublin, Ireland. Right after that my dad bought me a backpack for my birthday and that was that. Europe will be 4 of the 6 (realistic) continents in the world that I have visits. I say 6 realistic continents because realistically I won’t be able to afford to go to antarctica. One of my bucket list items is to hit every continent before I turn 26.

I am beyond excited to go on this next adventure. I got a go pro for christmas so I will be able to document all of the cool things on my trip. I’m planning on getting a polaroid camera as well. For my birthday my family got me a case for my travel documents and some travel journals. It makes me that much more excited to see where my next adventure takes me.

As of right now I do not have any plans for what I am going to do between the time I fly in and the time I fly out. I’m starting to make a rough plan of where I want to go and what I want to see. I’m excited for some of my friends to meet up with me and share this incredible adventure with me. I’ll be updating everyone on my plans as I figure them out.

Until Next time,


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