Vance Joy, Klingande, Walk off the Earth, Jaymes Young, Vance Joy

November 2nd was my first day off since October 16th. Naturally, the night before I decided to have a great night out because well, what else would I do on my day off then mope around. Haley and I have planned to see Vance Joy at Phoenix Concert Theatre since August. In August Haley and I were at Osheaga, we saw Vance Joy play, which is one of my favourite bands. After the show we were hanging around the VIP area along with a few other girls trying to get James’ attention (the lead singer of Vance Joy), anyways, long story short we all failed at getting James’ attention BUT we managed to get the attention of two other band members Jon and Chris. We also met this English guy and all three of us ended up on guest list for this show. We got to our hotel and messaged Kai (our English friend) only to get a message saying he couldn’t make the show but would make sure we would get in. We were freaking out, hoping that we would actually get into the show. We arrived at Phoenix Concert Theatre and got into the show. We stood three rows from the front and were absolutely stoaked. The show was fantastic. It was the third time I have seen them this year. After the show we went to Real Sports Bar to have some dinner before we got ready for our night. A couple of the people we met at Osheaga work there. One of our friends knew we were coming but two of them didn’t and were surprised to see it and it was amazing finally seeing them again. After dinner we went to our hotel to get ready for our night, while getting ready we were talking about how good the Vance Joy show was. I had mentioned that they were playing again in London on Tuesday Nov 4, so naturally we bought tickets. We went to predrink with our friends from Real Sports and then met up with one of my friends who lived in Toronto.

He was at Hoxton, where there was a sold out DJ show going on. I’m not really into that kind of music so I had no idea who was playing. He got us into his booth and we made it there right before the main act. Klingande was the headlining DJ and I’ve definitely heard one of the songs on the radio before. Youtube Jubel it’s an awesome song. Anyways we were just enjoying the show, I turned around and beard guy from Walk off the Earth walked right by me. I stopped him and was like beard guy what’s up. We started talking and then he told me that Gianni was there and I was like errmagawd. I’ve literally been following Walk off the Earth before they were youtube famous. So Haley and I pretty much had the best Saturday night ever. Saw two shows and met one of my favourite bands. We ended off the weekend with an awesome brunch at a restaurant in Liberty Village called Local.

Nov 4, was the next time I saw Haley. We were heading to London to see Vance Joy for what would be my 4th time this year. Haley and I planned to get there so early, and after we grabbed a bite to eat we headed to the venue. We were the last two to get inside, before they let people downstairs to where the stage is they let people into the Mezzanine floor, we congregated right by the stairs leading to the front of the stage. As soon as they let people in Haley booked in down the stairs and we were front row just to the right and it was an awesome view. The opening act Jaymes Young and his band had not played in Toronto because Jaymes was sick, but luckily we were able to see them perform in London. As soon as the band walked on I smacked Haley on the arm as my jaw dropped at how attractive the bass player was and not to mention drummer. The drummer was directly in front of me it was awesome. One of the most talented percussionists I’ve heard in a while, so unique with his MacBook and his beats. During the show I kept making eye contact with both the bass player and the drummer. At one point during the set the drummer (Trent) hit the drums so hard it startled me and he saw my reaction and started laughing. It was right at the beginning of their set and throughout their set he kept doing that it was jokes. Vance Joy was amazing, Haley and I rocked out to every single song! Trent (the drummer) talked to us after the show and called us out for knowing every single word to the songs. Long story short, we ended up hanging out with Jaymes Young and band (Trent and Tristan) and with Chris and Ed from Vance Joy for a little bit before Vance Joy had to leave. It was definitely one of my most memorable nights and I met some incredibly talented people.


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