The city that never sleeps

The city that never sleeps, or better known as New York City is one of the most chaotic places in North America. It’s full of tourists, lights and the general hustle and bustle of a regular city. I just spent the last four days there with three of my girlfriends. They all recently turned 21 so we thought it would be an awesome way to celebrate. Shopping was definitely on the agenda, but so were some of the typical tourist attractions in NYC.

We visited the Brooklyn bridge, it was such a spectacular site. There were a ton of tourists walking the bridge at the same time that we were. I saw a lot of couples and a lot of selfie sticks. There were also a few bikers on the bridge. The girls and I walked up to the middle of the bridge to take in the breathtaking view and obviously take a few selfies. You haven’t actually gone somewhere unless there are pictures to prove it right?

We also saw ground zero, another beautifully breathtaking site. Words simply cannot describe.

Central park in the fall is absolutely gorgeous as well. We reached the Friends fountain as well as Strawberry Fields, where I took a classic picture with the Imagine sign.

One of the nights we went to Comedy Cellar, where many famous comedians, artists and actors have stepped foot in. We went to a late night show and to our surprise, Louis CK decided to make an appearance. He was hilarious as expected. All of the other comedians that night were absolutely hilarious. I’m still cracking up at their jokes, and not that anyone will understand this but, It’s freeeeezing in here.

Another night we went to Brooklyn, instead of taking a cab, the concierge decided to hail a driver for us. So here were 4 young women all dolled up in a black Suburban, riding dirty to Brooklyn.

On our last night out we went to this bar, where a promoter said we would be able to drink for free. The bar was called the VIP Room and boy was it ever VIP. Super fancy and the music was great. For anyone who knows the Waterloo bar scene, it was a mix between Phil’s Wednesday and Brixton. We were getting free drinks from the one promoter we had met earlier in the week and then during the night another promoter invited us to her booth. Free Patron shots, (you can imagine how my morning was…deadly). Later that night, 2 Chainz showed up at the bar, since it was an after party for his show, and the Brooklyn Nets were hanging out in the booth next to ours. It was pretty remarkable, despite the fact that I was slightly dysfunctional. Don’t Worry! I got home safe and sound.

As short as the trip was and as much money as I spent, I had an incredible time. It could not have been a better trip and the girls I went with were awesome.


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