Cabin on Horne Lake and Nanaimo

Day five of the West Coast – Cabin Day One

We woke up, had some breakfast and started to get ready for the cabin on Horne Lake. We stocked up on meat from Colby’s dad’s butcher shop and then went to the grocery tore to get the rest of the food we needed for the couple days at the cabin. Amber and her sister (Brittany) were on their way from the mainland. They got up bright and early and took the ferry to Nanaimo where they caught the bus to Courtney. We picked them up and headed straight for the cabin. The cabin is about 10-15 mins off of the highway, we reached gravel roads and finally pulled into the driveway. The cabin was pretty much how i pictured it to be, a little wooden home looking out on the water. The view was spectacular. From the deck we can see the dock, a little island that’s not too dar away and some tree covered mountains. As soon as we arrived we dropped our bags and headed for the dock to catch some sun and enjoy the lake. Later in the afternoon we went tubing. It was Brittany’s first time tubing, she did pretty well once she got the hang of it. After amber and Brittany went on the tube together. It’s a fairly small tube for two people and their positioning on the tube was hilarious. I cannot even describe what they looked like, but once I have some pictures I will post them so you can see. Next up was me, I needed to get the hang of shifting my body weight on the tube as I was being swung around the sides of the boat. One time I fell off and I skidded and rolled on top of the water about six times, yes….six times, I’m not exaggerating. We tubed for a little while longer before heading back to the dock and relaxing before dinner. Brittany made an awesome sausage pasta (with BBQ help from Colby) and then the four of us played rummy. Probably the longest game of rummy to 500 I’ve ever played. It took us forevvvvver. I ended up losing so badly and got chirped so hard for it, which is totally cool. The three girls were exhausted and we went to bed right after the game of cards. 

Day six of the West Coast – Cabin Day Two

Day two at the cabin, we all woke up at a fairly decent time. Brittany and Colby made an awesome breakfast of poached eggs, breakfast sausages, fresh tomatoes, avocado, and toast. After we cleaned up we went right to the dock to enjoy the gorgeous day. Clear blue skies, sunny and warm, only slightly windy, but no one really cared with the view and the sun beating down on the dock over the mountains. I basked in the sun with Amber while Colby and Brittany took the kayaks to the little island. Once they were back Amber and I did the same thing. There’s a little bay on the other side and we pulled the kayaks to shore and sat on the shoreline, which was full of all kinds of rocks and we grabbed a couple and started balancing the rocks on top of one another. We made some pretty cool sculptures. It’s neat how the weirdest shaped rocks balanced on top of each other. After we got back to the dock the four of us went wake boarding. Wake boarding was a challenge, Brittany made it look so easy. She got up on her third attempt and was moving around like a pro. I was in next, my goodness is wake boarding difficult. I really tried my best, but failed every time except once, when I got up for about three seconds before bailing on my face. Amber went after me and was just as successful as I was haha. We made lunch and then chilled out on the dock again. Amber grabbed the paddle board and I grabbed the kayak and we went back out to the little island. Some of the rock sculptures were still there, we stayed and chatted for a while until Colby and Brittany came with the boat and a third person. It was Mike, he dove in and said hello to us, I was really excited that he got to come hangout with us. The three of them drove off and went to turtle rock to jump, while Amber and I headed back to the dock and I went swimming in the lake while she paddle boarded. Once we were all back, I went up to the Cabin to shower and make dinner. I made curry, with potatoes, okra, onions, celery and cauliflower. The curry was a little spicy but overall tasted pretty good for my first curry attempt. There was a fire ban at the cabin so the only fire we could have was a propane fire, which was fine with me I couldn’t really tell the difference, as long as I could roast marshmallows I was happy. We didn’t have graham crackers and chocolate, but we had oreos so we made oreo smores. After that we headed out to the dock to look at the stars. Lying flat on my back looking up to see hundreds, maybe thousands of stars. I saw a couple satellites flying by, and even saw the milky way. The coolest part about it was see not only my first shooting star but seeing FIVE shooting stars!! We played one quick game of rummy before Mike left and then we went to bed.

Day seven of the West Coast – Cabin Day Three and Nanaimo 

This morning we woke up and it wasn’t as sunny as the last couple days. Chilly and cloudy, Colby and Brittany went to the market and grabbed some items for break and once again they made an awesome breakfast. After breaky, even though it was chilly out we went to sit out on the dock. Brittany decided she wanted to go wake boarding again so she did that and Amber and I went along for the ride. She did unreal, tried to get air and did amazingly. We then packed up and headed for Nanaimo so that the girls could catch the ferry. Colby messed up and they were way too early for their ferry so we decided to walk the seawall in Nanaimo. We passed by a little store and I decided that I needed to buy a Nanaimo Bar in Nanaimo. It was delicious!! Once we dropped them off Colby and I headed to Wild Play Element Park. We walked up the bridge and I looked down and boy oh boy was it high. We then signed some waivers and paid for our bunny jump. They weighed us in and surprise! surprise! I’ve gained weight haha. We climbed up the bridge again and there were 6 of us that were going to jump, two couples and then just Colby and I. The couple were both going to jump tandem together and Colby and I were jumping alone. The fist couple got all tied up and apparently chickened out I totally missed that and I thought they had jumped. I was next to suit up. By suit up I mean have a towel wrapped around you’re ankle and then the rope wrapped around the towel then attached to the bungy cord. The guy told me to shuffle out to the edge and he told me i could jump or he could count me down. I decided I was going to jump on my own free will, I wanted to feel like pochahontas so I did just that, I jumped with my arms out! It was amazing!! After that we strolled through Colby’s old stomping grounds then headed back to Courtenay. We ate dinner and then Colby, his brother Tanner and his dad played badminton and then Taner and I played pool. I lost pool, but badminton was so much fun! We are now watching Wanderlust so I’m out.


Until Next Time,



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