Vancouver and a little bit of the island…

Today is day four of my two week trip in “Beautiful British Columbia” (that’s the province slogan). I flew from Toronto to Vancouver on Friday morning. I arrived 15 mins ahead of my scheduled landing time and managed to accomplish a couple touristy things on day one. Colby picked me up from the airport, and I texted him as soon as my flight landed and he was already in the waiting area. It probably took me about 20 mins from when the plane landed to when I got to his motorcycle (mostly because I had to change into jeans that I haven’t worn in forever and well….let’s just say putting them on was a struggle). Finally when I got out to the motorcycle I got slightly nervous because well, I’ve never been on one before. I brought my jean jacket to wear on the bike because it’s just better to have a jacket on. You can imagine my outfit though…Canadian Tuxedo (denim on denim) and let me tell you, I look styling’ (dark denim jeans and a white washed light denim jacket and grey and neon orange running shoes). So anyways, Colby brought me a helmet obviously and handed it too me and sure enough there’s a smirnoff ice inside the helmet (like are you kidding me, it’s literally 9am). I didn’t do it right there in the waiting area of the airport because the patrol guy was already pissed that Colby waiting in the loading one for like 20 mins. The motorcycle ride was cool and slightly uncomfortable. The passenger seat is slightly higher than the drivers seat so I had to prop my legs up and lean forward, which wasn’t the most comfortable with my 46L backpack and a purse. We arrived at one of Colby’s friends house and I had to drink my delightfully warm smirnoff ice. After that we grabbed some lunch before heading to one of a couple touristy things I did on day one. 

We cruised around the city on the motorcycle and stopped at the Olympic torches for a quick picture. We then headed over to Capilano Suspension Bridge. Probably in the top 10 touristy things to do in Vancouver. It was so packed when we arrived and it cost $36. There are a couple things that you can do there besides just walk across this giant suspension bridge. There are some tree top adventures where you’re walking high among the trees, although it’s only really halfway up these extremely old Douglas fir trees (this was the first time I’ve ever seen them and my goodness are they huge). We also did a cliff walk thing at Capilano, which was pretty neat. It wasn’t anything too exciting for Colby haha, he literally only did it so I could see. It was awesome, but kind of like a one time thing. I got a couple great pictures on my camera. After that we cruised around Vancouver a little more and we were going to explore the UBC campus, but Colby didn’t know much about it so we just kept driving and ended up at a beach called Spanish Banks, the view was great we saw a lot of freight ships that apparently have to wait in the harbour area for days due to waterway restrictions. Spanish Banks was full of dogs and they were having so much fun playing around. After that we went back to Colby’s friends place (Hanson [using his first name will get confusing] and Emily) and waiting for Mike (another one) and Cody to be ready for dinner. Unfortunately they weren’t ready for dinner and we went without them. After dinner Amber (a friend from home) met up with us and drank a bit before we met Cody and Mike out at the bar. I hid a smirnoff ice under a pillow and Amber went to sit down but moved the pillow and was iced … she had never beens iced before so this was great. That night we all went out and had a blast, ate poutine after and I passed out on the couch haha. 

The next day we all rented bikes and headed to the Stanley Park Seawall. The seawall itself is a 10km ride, but we did I little bit of riding before and after that as well. It was a fabulous day, I really enjoyed it. The weather was beautiful and the view was spectacular. We stopped at one of the beaches along the seawall where we had a couple drinks (well the boys did, I didn’t because I was still so hungover). We literally biked all day and then went for dinner and once again headed out to the bars. Actually, we went to the strip club. My first ever rippers experience was at the Penthouse in Vancouver. I was a little surprised, it is one of the oldest strip clubs in the city, and I honestly thought it would be better than it was. A couple of the girls had extremely fit bodies, and I was jealous.. I almost asked the one girl how she worked out and how she got that body. The trouble is a lot of them had butter faces, which was unfortunate but I guess if you’re just getting a lap dance from the girl you’re not really looking at her face anyways. I saw a couple of the girls dance on the pole and I was really only impressed by one, Jackie Brown had a giant afro, which was sick because that’s where she stored her money hahah. I talked to one girl and walked her over to Mike who experienced his first ever lap dance and he said it was a blast. After that we headed to Joe’s apartment to end the night off. 

Sunday was my third day in Vancouver, Colby, Cody, Mike and I went to Milestones for brunch and then met up with Hanson and Emily to go for a walk. Our plan was to walk over to Grandville Island, so we walked over the bridge to Kitsilano and realized it was getting real close to when Mike had to fly home, so after 15 mins of trying to grab a cab, we got one and headed back to Cody’s place. Colby and I were suppose to go to the island on Sunday, but Cody convinced us to stay the night (mostly because he didn’t want to be alone on a Sunday and also because he had to do laundry and he knew I would fold it for him). Anyways, we went to main street to a vegetarian restaurant and order what could be the biggest plate of nachos I’ve ever seen along with main dishes (mistake – we didn’t even make it through half of the nachos). Then we went over to where their buddy Dane works on main street for a drink before heading back to Cody’s and pretty much calling it a night. 

This morning after Cody left for work early I got to have a couple hours more of sleep. We boarded the 10:40am ferry to Nanaimo on the Island. I can’t remember being on a large ferry, but it was a cool experience (i fell asleep for most of it haha). Once we got to Nanaimo we had to drive about an hour back to Courtney. The ride was long and I was extremely sore from the position that I had to sit, but once we made it to Courtney I was much happier. We went to a couple spots along a river near Colby’s house and swam in them. The first one was pretty cool, theres a bunch of clay at the bottom of quite a shallow part of the river. Apparently it’s really good for you’re skin to rub the clay all over you (it’s like a natural facial…pretty neat eh?). I did not use the clay to make my skin better though. The next spot we went to is called Stockom. It’s awesome but there are these weird holes in the rocks that are extremely hard to see. These holes are called rock-cut basins and some of them are quite deep. Anyways, we had to walk in the water to get to the waterfall and the bedrock is surrounded by small and large rock-cut basins. I made it to the waterfall without stepping in one of them so that was an accomplishment. Once we got to the waterfall Colby wanted me to cross the white water to the base of the falls and climb up to jump, I refused because in an attempt to cross, the current was so strong that I got pulled down the river a bit and my foot got wedged in between two rocks and got stuck. Anyways, Colby climbed up the side of the falls and jumped. We then headed back up stream, still trying to avoid the rock-cut basins. Colby was ahead of me and as we were about 100m from land he pointed out three rock-cut basins to my left, being aware and cautious to not step in those i took a step to the right and my right foot/leg fell right into a decent size rock-cut basin and I got banged up a little bit. Once we made it back to the car Colby realized he left his car keys on the rock by the waterfall where we had our towels so he had to walk all the way back down the stream and then back up. After that Colby told me he would try to teach me how to drive standard. After explaining the basic concepts, I got behind the wheel and I was doing great. The worst party is starting, changing gears and the rest of it isn’t too bad. I was doing great and Colby told me that we were going to try to go into town. I stopped just before the intersection into cumberland and I tried to start, but after stalling about 11 times we got fed up and switched haha. I got to drive again two more times today and it was awesome. Only stalled twice when we went into town, so I would say I’m not doing too bad for a noobie. Had a wonderful home cooked meal by Colby’s mom and chatted with them for a while and now I’m blogging. Everyone’s in bed and I’ve finally finished my blog about my first 4 days out west, can’t wait for the next week and a half…I’ve got a lot of things in mind!!

Until next time…..


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