Dreaming Big

I have to go to work in half and hour and I’m currently sitting on my bathroom floor writing about the dreams I have. Since my trip and even before I’ve been absolutely captivated and intrigued by travel. There are places everyone wants to visit but at the end of the day visiting every single destination might not be possible. I’m sitting on my bathroom floor dreaming about all of the destinations I want to hit and I don’t think I will stop traveling until I’m completely satisfied with myself. What’s the point in giving up on your dreams of traveling the world, we only live one (yes YOLO) so why not dream big and do everything you can to fulfill each and everyone of those dreams?

I was just messaging someone and we were talking about the destinations we want to go. We made a promise that if one of us wins the lottery we have to take the other on an around the world trip. I immediately agreed, obviously. I legitimately had to stop getting ready for work so I could write about it. Thinking about all of the adventures that are just waiting to happen is unexplainable. AND when I say travel the world I do not mean 5-star touristy things. Of course there will be some touristy things you must do in every country, but I really want to emerge in culture and really learn about the way of life in the places I visit. I’m also such a foodie. I am one of the least pickiest eaters I know and I am willing to try almost anything. I say almost because when I was in Cambodia the street vendors were selling deep fried spiders and snakes and I could not bring myself to try them. They creep me out alive so I definitely did not want to try to eat them. Other than that I will be willing to try all the traditional food to the destinations I plan on traveling to.

I don’t even buy the lottery so the chances of this happening is silm but whether I win the lottery or not, I’m not going to give up the dream of traveling to all the places I want to see. Memories and experiences are waiting to happen and I would rather choose to go somewhere and do something than to buy material items. Material items do not last forever but memories do; they are much more valuable.

I have two trips planned for this summer, I haven’t seen much of Canada so I’m going to Montreal and to BC. I’m beyond excited, I’ve been itching to travel again since the day I got back. I’ve recently been reminiscing on my travels and it just makes me that much more anxious to get away and that much more motivated to work hard.


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