It’s already July!

Today is July 11th!! I cannot believe I turned 22 six months ago. Where has the time gone? I’ve been back for almost 4 months from the most amazing trip of my life and every single day I wish I was right back in Australia or New Zealand or Singapore soaking up the sun and being an absolute beach bum. Every single day that goes by I’m more anxious to travel. I have so many plans in my head it’s kind of hard to process all my the adventures I have planned for myself.

I’ve mentioned this a thousand times in my other blogs but I want to hit every continent before I’m 25. I’m 22.5 years old now and I feel like time is quickly closing in on me, especially if I decide that I want to go to school next September. Currently, my plan is to work and travel as much as I can. For my next BIG trip, I was thinking Africa! Traveling or backpacking through Africa may be slightly dangerous if I were to go on my own, however I think I’m going to volunteer with some sort of organization. I was looking into it and there are a few things I would be interested in, such as volunteering in an orphanage or building schools or teaching english. The best part about this is you stay with a host family, medical insurance is included and you get your evenings and weekends off. It not only looks unbelievable on your resume it will probably be one of the most life changing experiences. Fully emerging yourself in the culture and I think it would really broaden my horizons and I am so excited!!

On a complete opposite end of the spectrum – I also want to go on grad trip with my friends. I know I’m already graduated but all my friends are graduating and I would love to go on grad trip with them. I definitely will not be emerging myself in the local culture, but emerging myself in alcohol. Punta Cana would be the destination and it would be in February. So right now I need to work and make a ton of money and try to save as much as I can. Especially because I’m planning a big Euro trip in the summer and THAT is going to be unbelievable.

Anyways, I’m going to continue dreaming about all the places in the world and go to work.


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