Thoughts for the day

It absolutely baffles my mind that I have been home for over a month, yes more than one month. I cannot believe that just over a month ago I was extremely tanned soaking up the last bit of summer in Australia, drinking my face off and having the absolute time of my life. Since being home my life hasn’t been all that boring though, I haven’t drank as much as I did not my trip, but I have definitely been indulging, especially since I have had to catch up with so many people. It’s strange how sometimes distance can bring people closer. Even though I was away for almost 4 months, I kept in touch with the important people and have made the effort to see them now that I’m home. Since being home I’ve landed a job at one of my favourite restaurants and I just completed my training. Tonight is the first night I am starting on my own and I couldn’t be more excited…mostly to make money because I just keep spending money that I don’t really have haha. I’m also keeping busy by coaching soccer and working out, it has only been a month and I’m already making progress. My legs are getting bigger, which is alright and my back is getting stronger. I also realize that this blog post sucks but you know what I haven’t posted in a while so whatever. Also – if anyone has any tips on how I can even out my arm muscles, HELP – because my left arm is way weaker than my right. 

Also – about me hating cardio…I now enjoy spin classes. They are challenging but so rewarding and usually a great start to my day.


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