Is cardio really necessary?

It has been a little over three weeks since I’ve been home. Not too much as happened since I’ve been home, basically I got a job and I workout a lot. Working out is a good way to pass the time, although sometimes at the gym I’m like nice that was a good set probably took a total of 30 mins to complete 3 sets of that… I look at the time and I’m like shit really? That was only 10 mins.. ugh. One thing at the gym that I’m REALLY not a fan of is cardio. Can we be serious here for a second…does anyone, actually, like cardio? So the Goodlife Fitness I go to has a variety of cardio machines, so realistically you can continue changing it up and maybe not get bored of doing the same thing over and over again. There are two types of stationary bikes, one with a back rest, which is way less intense and almost a lazy way of doing cardio (trust me I’m not judging anyone who uses that – it’s one my favourite cardio machine), the other bike it the regular stationary bike that hurts your ass if you’re on it for too long. Then we’ve got treadmills, I dislike running, yet that’s usually my go to cardio workout – might be because I know that I’m getting something out of it. After 20 mins I’m dripping in sweat and I feel like I was actually productive. Ever seen (or rather heard) someone on the treadmill running and wondering how the hell they are making such loud noises? It’s as if a stampede is running on the treadmill – if you’re wondering if you do this, next time you’re on a treadmill take a second, put your music on pause and listen to see if you are one of these annoying people. When I first started working out after getting back from my trip, I started off the workout running for about 20 mins, I always have my music on really loud to drown out anything and everything around me. One day I forgot my head phones and I was on the treadmill, I started running and I was like wtf…why am I making so much noise right now. I realized at that moment, that I am one of the many annoying stampede runners … I was not happy and ever since then I’ve been trying to figure out a) WHY AM I NOT LIGHT ON MY FEET? and b) HOW DO I BECOME LIGHT ON MY FEET? It is a serious concern of mine, but for now I’m blasting the music and pretending that I’m light as a feather (and I know it’s not working but I can’t hear it so yolo). The next type of cardio equipment that I refuse to go near are the ellipticals, first of all why? second of all, I hate them (mostly because I look absolutely ridiculous trying to use it). That’s all I’m going to say, I just can’t do it. The final cardio machine is the stair master, I used to love that machine and recently I tried one which had legitimate stairs to climb and well, that was a huge fail – I almost bailed on more than one occasion. Cardio is something I do at the gym as a quick warm up, or if I feel like I’ve been lazy and need to just go for a run. I’ve never actually had a gym session where I strictly do cardio. 

BUT despite all the complaining I’ve decided that tomorrow I’m going to be doing a spin class with a couple of my girlfriends. Of all the cardio classes we could have picked, we probably picked one of the hardest cardio workouts ever. If you think you can ride a bike and do a spin class with ease, you’ll be in for a surprise because let me tell you spin classes are not easy. I’m up for the challenge and plus, I have shopping with my girls to look forward to tomorrow as well!!

Also, I’m curious…weight lifting burns more calories than cardio anyways so is cardio really necessary? I mean I guess if you want to improve your endurance or stamina maybe? I’m not really sure. Maybe tomorrow I’ll blog about how much I love doing squats.


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  1. I need to come home NOW so we can be gym buddies again. You reminded me of the good old days, sitting on the comfy bikes as we study! Have fun at your spin class – I did one and at about the 10 minute mark I was thinking that the class was probably 3/4 of the way through since I was already drenched in sweat. I almost cried when I looked at the clock. Miss youuuu ❤


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