Home Sweet Home

Well, I’ve been back for just over 12 hours…it’s 5:30am and I can’t sleep. culprit: jet lag. I went to bed at midnight thinking yea alright I’ll definitely sleep through the night, wrong. I woke up at 3am, and I still can’t sleep so naturally I decided to blog about it. Coming home yesterday was such an amazing feeling, I never thought I would ever be that excited to come home after leaving 30+ degree weather and beaches for -10 degree weather and snow. After clearing customs (which took forever), and getting my mom’s special order of BBQ Pork taken away at the airport, I finally strolled out of the exit doors about an hour after landing. I walked out, looked around and saw her there smiling widely, the biggest grin appeared on my face and I quickly push my cart down the ramp to greet my beautiful mom who I haven’t seen since January 1st! I stopped my cart and engulfed the woman with a huge hug, I definitely missed her! She presented me with a bouquet of roses (such a cutie) and then we proceeded to her car. The ride home was nothing but chatting and catching up I filled her in on a lot of things on my trip and of course home wasn’t our first stop. We had to run some errands (classic Mary). At least I got a year’s supply of contacts out of it and an extreme pita! Finally, when I got home I was so happy to see my sister and my dad! I showed them all the souvenirs I bought them, we ate and that was that, everyone was doing their own thing (which is completely fine and exactly how I would have expected that to go – just how we are!!). My sister told me she was going to the gym and suddenly as if a lightbulb went off in my head I was like … I need to weigh myself (knowing that I had gained weight on my trip). I was around 113-115lbs before I left for my trip, I got up from the table and my parents and sister were like woah! I think we know where you gained weigh (suggesting my butt looked larger than before…as if it wasn’t big enough already) anyways, I ran upstairs to weigh myself (after eating a pita) hopped on the scale and waited for the results. A number appeared that I have never seen on the scale before I was in hysterics, a big ol’ 130lbs appears (and before you all go judging me and telling me I’m not fat and not to worry about it … I KNOW. I know I’m not fat and I’m not worried about the number but like I’ve never been that heavy before and I noticed that I have gained weight.. probably from all the drinking and junk food but it was a shock to me) ANYWAYS, I was literally laughing so hard, partly because I was like this is a joke right? I gained 15lbs in a month (I saw a month because before I went back to Australia I had probably lost a bit of weight). I was laughing so hard and was also slightly upset that I began crying (probably from laughing so hard). My dad was like Jenn, it’s probably water retention from traveling, I was like I hope so but regardless, I’m driving Christine to the gym and I’m signing up (again, not because I necessarily want to lose weight but because I want to work out, feel good and change the way I’ve treated my body for the last 3.5 months). I got in the car to drive her to the gym and I was like this is weird, usually I’d be on the passenger side if I sat in the seat and now it’s the drivers side, thankfully I was completely competent at driving on the correct side of the road. I successfully signed up for the gym and now I’m going to fill out 10 names and number so that I can get some free stuff, so sorry friends you’re all free game. I would like a free gym bag, t shirt and water bottle #sorrynotsorry. I got out of bed this morning at like 5:20am, took a pee and snuck into my parents bathroom to weigh myself (I know I’m obsessing but I had to see if it was water retention or if I had actually gained 15 lbs). Thankfully when I stepped on the scale this time it read 121 lbs, relieved I turned the light off and began to exit their room when I heard my dad say yes? I was like just weighing myself  and he’s like and? I was like 121 lbs and of course he said told ya! Then I proceeded downstairs to eat a banana (who knew eating fruit would taste so good after eating like shit for the past little while) and now here I am literally blogging step by step my day since I’ve been home. Forgot to mention earlier –  I also had a Tim Hortons steeped tea yesterday, satisfying? yes. Did I win roll up the rim? no, obviously. Today I’m taking my sister to school and then I’m heading to the gym and hopefully I’ll have an interview set up for a job I applied to, and tonight Thai food … still no home cooked meal – guess that will have to wait until Saturday. This weekend will be exciting, I get to see my friends in Waterloo, mass amounts of alcohol will be consumes and maybe even some bull riding at dallas, Saturday have lunch with my dear old roomie and then come home to see Leighanne (can’t wait to snuggle and eat mass amounts of junk food, which I’m trying to avoid and possible consume mass amounts of alcohol if I can influence her) and then Sunday I’m seeing my beautiful twin (not actual twin, I wish she’d be a great sister) Katie and drive my sister and her friends to watch their other friends play some volleyball. 

I hope I continue to have interesting stories to blog about now that I’m home

Until next time,



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  1. Sounds like you’re managing to enjoy being back in that frozen tundra which is great! Hehe but… WAAAA so jealous – Tim’s, Dallas and snuggles with Leighanne?!!! I’ll be there in spirit! xoxoxo


  2. Couldn’t be any more excited to see you and hear face-to-face about all your adventures and stories!!!! To think two years ago we were laughing at Deer Ridge about the places we want to go and here you are – YOU DID THEM!! So proud of you twinny XOXOXO


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