I’ve messed up the day number but Rainbow Beach, Noose 2.0, Brisbane and Byron Bay

Rainbow Beach

We drove to Rainbow Beach from Noosa – the town was tiny. It’s the gateway town to get to Fraser island, which is apparently such a great tourist experience (we didn’t do it because it was a lot of money). Anyways, Rainbow Beach is where Maddie is living and I

m SO SO SO happy I got to meet up with her. We had some girl talk and then later drank together with the boys and Alaskan Dave in our van. There are only two hostels in the town and only two bars (one in each hostel). We went to the bar in the hostel and it was Karaoke night – we definitely didn’t get up to sing, although we were tempted to at times. Unfortunately the bar closed at midnight and then Colby, Maddie and I walked to the beach. On the way we passed by some people who were playing Beer Pong and decided to join them. After we took a quick dip in the ocean before heading back. Our van was parked on the road and we didn’t want to be caught with camping on the street so the boys and I had to sleep in the bed in the van – it was sooooo stuffy and hot. Alaskan Dave and Cody got up early to go surfing at a spot that was 14km down the beach. We didn’t have a vehicle with 4-wheel drive so they had to hitch hike to this surf spot. After about 2 hours they came back and it turns out no one would pick them up and take them down the beach. Our plan for that day was to try sand boarding on the major sand dune in Rainbow Beach and then head to Whitsundays. We rented a sand board and climbed to the top of this huge sand dune. The sand was slightly damp from the rain the previous day so it was really hard to get going down the hill but eventually we found a spot and all tried it out a number of times it was so much fun! I ate shit at the bottom and climbing up was the absolutely worse, proved how out of shape I really am.

Noosa Heads

After the sand dunes we put Whitsundays in our GPS, realizing that it was 12 hours away we decided against going any further north and we decided to turn back around. So we headed back to Noosa – that night (since we parked at the hostel and didn’t pay) we got caught and had to move our van – we moved it to our original sleeping location in Noosa. The next day we went to the national park for breaky and then headed toward Brisbane.


We stayed in a hostel in Brisbane because it’s really hard to find a place to camp in the city. There was a street with a number of hostels and we literally stayed in the worst one on the block. It was $25 each plus $5 to park our van. We went for dinner and then came back to the hostel to watch a couple movies. There were a bunch of couches around the TV, the boys sat on one love seat and I sat on another right beside them (there was already another guy sitting on the couch I was on as well). We walked in halfway through the movie Savages. When there was about 15 mins left in the movie this guy walked up the couch I was sitting on, pointed in between the guy and I and asked to sit there (FYI it was a love seat.. aka only 2 people comfortably fit on this seat … also OTHER seats were available and he chose to sit in between me and this random guy…). He sat so close to me, I was already presed up against the side of the couch and his leg and arm was touching me when he sat (THAT is how close he was to me – not okay I like my space). He was such a weird character, literally drilled me with 20 questions about the movie and about myself and I was just so uninterested trying to watch Savages. After the movie he got up and moved onto his next victim, and his friend proceeded to stare at me during the entire duration of Bad Teacher

Byron Bay – this is the best part of this blog … I know it’s a long one but Byron Bay is exciting.

The next morning we got out of the hostel so quick and headed toward Gold Coast, halfway there we decided that Byron Bay was our favourite place and we headed straight for Byron. We also decided to go because a couple of our friends we met in Sydney were going to be in Byron that day and we wanted to meet up with them. Claire and Ryan are our Canadian friends that we met up with, that night we drank at our van and then decided to go to Cheeky Monkey’s. Earlier on the beach the reps from Cheeky Monkey’s told us that there was a bikini contest that night, we joked about me entering but I was totally not keen. When we got to Cheeky’s the boys and Claire were trying to convince me to do it, and I was really pushing no haha, Cody decided he was going to sign me up – luckily for me he wasn’t allowed to do it. Anyways, after a bit more convincing and another $5 Frozen Margarita I reluctantly agreed to enter the contest. Claire came with me to sign up, I had to pick a song because who knew that when you enter a bikini contest you actually have to dance in front of the entire bar … I had no clue what song to pick so Claire suggest Work B**ch by Britney SpearsI was literally freaking out like this is so not happening. They announced all the people who signed up needed to make their way to the designated area and then we were escorted into the back staff area. They had bathing suits for us to wear because obviously I was not prepared to do such a thing. I picked a white bathing suit (there wasn’t much choice), the top of the bathing suit was kind of like a bra cup that didn’t fit me at all – I considered stuffing it hahah but glad I decided against that. The bottoms were alright, fit me as best they could have. We got fee champagne in the back (thank goodness for that, and I drank a very large glass quickly). There were 7 of us in total, 3 of the girls wanted to go together (they were from Sweden, England..i think and Canada), another girl was Australian, one girl from France and a Brazilian girl (who brought her own bathing suit and she looked absolutely amazing in it….). Basically we all went out together and had to stand on this stage part, and one by one we had to come down on the dancefloor (which at Cheeky Monkey’s is tables – so they arranged the tables to be a stage with a middle walkway and four aisles down the side). The first up was an Australian from Gold Coast, she was 20 had super long hair and she was pretty – her dancing wasn’t too bad (in the back we were all laughing and joking and she was like how do you dance? hahah). Next the three girls went together and the crowd was cheering for them to have some sort of three-way make out (it didn’t happen). Next was a 26 yr old from France and then it was the Brazilian girls turn. An 18 year old who was a pretty good dancer just working her stuff for 30 seconds. I was like are you serious? I have to top that like no that’s not happening. She was intense and was definitely in it to win it. Finally it was my turn, and let me tell you, the moves I pulled on that dance floor came out of no where, literally have no clue how I danced like I did. I’m not going to describe to you how I danced because I can’t remember but all I’ll say is I moved down each aisle and I tried to engage the audience as best as I could (how can you blame me I just had to one-up the Brazilian). After my turn we all had 1 min to dance together and that was just weird and unenjoyable. Then it was time to vote. The MC held up each one of our hands and the crowd was to cheer for who they thought were the winners. Then the MC picked three finalists – it was Brazilian (obviously), the French girl and myself. Then the MC held up our hands for cheering again and the winner was determined. I was like god damn the Brazilians got it in the bag, but when the MC announced the winner he said I won.. I was like excuse me hahaha this is a joke right? but no it wasn’t a joke I won $300 cash for dancing alone for 30 seconds in a bathing suit. Definitely one of the highlights of the trip. The next day was chill we went to the beach and then had a BBQ with Claire and Ryan, that night we went to the beach hotel for drinks and then made our way to Coco Mangas and ended up at Woody’s I think because Cheeky’s was packed. The rest of the weekend was pretty similar and on Sunday Cody, Colby and I went to see the new 300 movie. St. Paddy’s day was exciting, Cody and I got up at like 6:30am and we went skydiving, probably one of the most exciting, thrilling, nauseating and scary experiences of my life. We were the third group to go up in the plane that morning, 14 000 ft we reached before peeling out of the plane in a free fall, I was shitting myself – I shut my eyes and then I was like what the hell are you doing open your eyes and look at this view. It was beautiful, we were in free fall for about a minute before my instructor pulled the parachute. That was the worse part, floating in the parachute and pulling the strings and spinning around. I have to take many deep breaths to calm myself down and talk myself out of puking (for those of you that don’t know me I’m not a fan of planes, motion or heights so you can imagine how I was feeling). When my two feet touched the ground I was excited and relieved haha. That night we went to none other than Cheeky Monkeys and the next day we left and headed back to Sydney.


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