Day 103 – East Coast Adventures [Gold Coast and Noosa]

Gold Coast, Queensland

After leaving Byron Bay we headed toward the Gold Coast, our original plan was to stay in Surfer’s Paradise because that’s where the bars and stuff were but our plans changed slightly. One of my friends Kendall lives just South of Surfer’s Paradise in Broad Beach. Gold Coast is in Queensland and I wanted to stop at the ‘Welcome to Queenland’ sign when we crossed the boarder of New South Wales and Queensland but it was literally so quick I hardly had time to read the sign let alone stop. Also, how does this make sense… Queensland doesn’t have daylight savings but New South Wales does, so we didn’t know that the time in Queensland was one hour behind the time in New South Wales – way too confusing. We drove to Surfer’s and tried to find a place to park our van in a caravan park but everywhere was ridiculously expensive. We decided to figure it out after lunch because we were hungry so we went to a place in Surfer’s for lunch. During lunch I got a message from Kendall and we decided to meet up after lunch. We drove to her place, which is so cute and literally like 2 mins from the beach – absolutely amazing. We went for a swim and then went back to her place, which is a) a house of mattresses and b) a house of various surf boards. We took a couple boards out and tried to go surfing, unfortunately the rip was so strong that I literally got swept away I could hardly lie on my board. We went back to Kendall’s place and grabs some drinks and started getting into it. She was talking about this unreal burrito place down the road, and bragging about how great it was. I mentioned something like I’ve never had a burrito and everyone was like WHATTT? You have to try it Jenn.. So after a couple drinks we all went to get these famous burritos. I got a barramundi burrito and let me tell you it was one of the best things I’ve eaten in a while. After our delicious meals we kept drinking and eventually we were introduced to a game called beer dye (die) not really sure how’s it’s spelled (to be perfectly honest for the longest time I thought it was called beer guy)… anyways, the game consists of obtaining points and strikes and of course just moves that make the other team drink. #1 rule of the game is you cannot say the word six you have to say beers. The goal of the game is to get beers points to win, and if you get beers strikes you have to finish your drink. There are two teams, with two people on each team, each person filled up a beer stein glass with their drink and places the glass at the corner of the table. The middle of the table is lined up with beer bottles and it’s called the wall of truth or something like that. Anyways each team member gets to throw the die, above head height over the wall of truth so that it bounces on the table and the other team has to catch the die with one hand before it falls on the ground. There are more rules and it is quite a complicated game so explain so I’m just going to leave it at that. If you’re super curious about it I’m sure google can explain it WAY better than I can. Anyways, we played this game and everyone got pretty loose and then we went to get more beers and we played a drinking game called hockey. I’m not going to explain that one haha – just google it. The next morning we went to a Wildlife Sanctuary in Currumbin and we saw Koalas and got to touch Kangaroos and Emus and it was awesome.

Noosa Heads, Queensland

Later that day Cody bought himself a surf board and then we were en route to Noosa Heads. We drove by Brisbane on our way to Noosa and arrived in Noosa late evening. We parked at the grocery store, made some food and found a remote parking spot to park our van, set up the penthouse and go to bed. The next day we went to the beach, which was so busy because there was a surf festival/ competition going on in Noosa. We relaxed by the beach and looked for a place to park our van. We found a hostel called Nomads and we parked there for the night. We met these English girls and we got pretty drunk with them, I couldn’t even make it to the bar, which was literally at the hostel (20 steps from our van) so I just went to bed and hated myself in the morning because I felt like garbage. There wasn’t too much to do in Noosa except go to the beach so that’s what we did the next day. That night I was determined to make it to the bar because I didn’t the night before, after drinking a bit we made our way to the bar with one of the English girls we met. She decided that it would be a fantastic idea to sneak in a bag of goon, so naturally she put in down her pants. She got away with it for a little while but eventually got caught. She was kicked out and we left shortly after because they bar was dead. We decided to try our luck at another bar and we were going to take the free shuttle there, the English girl came with us and we all got on the bus, she went straight for the front seat. Not really sure what went through her mind, but she flashed it up, didnt even put it in gear and hit the gas. The bus jolted forward so quickly I was laughing so hard. The bus driver grabbed her, pulled her out of the van called her a variety of rude names and she walked away shamefully. Nevertheless we went to the bar but was once again disappointed by the lack of people and we left. The next day we decided that we should make a move so packed up the van and left for Rainbow Beach.


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