Day 102 – Catching up on the past 20 days (one of a few blogs to come)

I know, I know I’ve been slacking hard on my blog posts lately, but can you blame me? I just spent then last 20 days in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and I’ve completely fallen in love with it and was absolutely devastated that I left and flew back to Singapore last night. This post and a couple more to follow will be a general recap of my latest adventure in the land down under. I’ve traveled some of the east cost and just had an absolute ball of a time. Along with posting blogs, I’ve been keeping a journal and thank goodness for that because otherwise I would forget half of the stories on my adventure. Cannot thanks my beauty bestie Katie for getting me a journal (which my the way is basically falling apart and almost full).

First Days of Road Trip – Byron Bay

Alright so I kind of forgot where I left off on my last blog so I’m going to begin this blog at the beginning of our road trip up the each coast. Cody, Colby and I rented a Jucy campervan for 17 days, we had 0 plans and just decided we wanted to travel up the coast and see how far we were able to get. We left Sydney around noon on March 3rd and started making our way north. Colby was driving first, it was definitely a weird experience because none of us had driven a van or a car on that side of the road before (the boys have driven scooters but it’s different in a car). Anyways, we drove for about 2 hours before stopping in Newcastle for lunch and some groceries. The van was equipped with a fridge and stove, we bought necessary groceries and of course 2 boxes of 5L goon or in other words (boxed wine). After lunch it was my turn to drive…we were parked in McDonalds in a small spot (and I know it sounds like I’m making up excuses) but I was so nervous to drive because I haven’t driven a vehicle as big as our van and it was on the opposite side, plus I had two guys harassing me about being an asian woman driver so you can imagine the abuse I received even before I started driving. I got into the front seat, tried to fix my mirrors and stuff and then put the van in reverse, when the coast was clear I began to back out of the spot, as I was backing out, two more cars were entering the parking lot. I was stuck I didn’t know where to go – it was a Mexican stand off against me and these two cars. Naturally I started freaking out, I was laughing so hard  and yelling “what do I do?? What do I do??” The boys were laughing at me and yelling back “I don’t know but you better do something“…eventually the two cars backed up a bit so I could get around them. To make matters worse, my door apparently wasn’t shut properly and when I pulled out it swung open a bit, I grabbed it before anything could happen and tried to shut it, but it didn’t work. The boys were like great within the first 2 mins of driving she’s fufilled ever fear we had of having a woman asian driver. I was laughing so hard, holding onto my door until I could pull over, when it was safe to do so, I pulled over and shut my door properly. Once I was on the highway it was smooth sailing and I drove for the next 4 hours. We stopped in Coff’s Harbour to refuel and change drivers. Earlier in the week Cody bought a onesie from a store called OnePiece, probably the most comfortable item of clothing I’ve ever seen. It was his turn to drive and he wore that and blasted the A/C. I sat in the back and tried to sleep for a little while, Colby was in the front seat and just as I got comfortable and was falling into a great sleep, Colby came to sit in the back because he was too cold. I was not impressed haha, so I moved to the front, wore my sweater and froze for the next three hours of driving. We arrived in Byron Bay pretty late and could not find a place to sleep because there were no camping signs everywhere, we ended up driving back out to the highway and sleeping at a rest stop. The next morning we looked for a place to park our van, we found this hostel that had a parking lot for vans called The Arts Factory. It is one of the greatest hostels I’ve stayed at. The parking lot was full of campervans, the hostel had regular dorm rooms, private rooms, teepees, cabins, had a swimming pool, hammocks, ping pong table, beach volleyball court and everyday/night there was always something going on. It was such a great atmosphere. We paid and then went to the beach – Cody rented a surf board and the beach we went to had a sunken ship wreck that stuck out of the water. It was pretty neat. That night we cracked into our bag of goon and went to a couple of bars. We were walking to a bar called Cocomangas, but got distracted by a bar that looked awesome, live music and stuff so we went in there. After a drink we went to Cocomangas, which was just absolutely dead. We finally made our way to a place called Cheeky Monkeys (let me tell you, after all the time spent in Byron Bay this trip, it is my favourite bar ever). Cheek Monkeys has a dance floor area and it is the best dance floor ever because the dance floor is a series of tables and it’s awesome. Let me tell you the morning after drinking goon is not even remotely enjoyable. I wanted to die. As usual we went to the beach, this time I also rented a surf board, a soft top because it was only my second time surfing. I went out with Cody and he was like alright Jenn, yo might want to start my turning your board around, and then getting on it, I’ll see yea later. Wise words by my teacher, haha. Anyways, I did as I was told I caught a couple waves and stood up, but I mostly got caught in a major rip that took me so far down the beach I had a solid like 3 min walk back to our spot on the beach. I was so exhausted by it. That night we got into it again and while we were drinking beside our van in the parking lot a van beside us rolled down the window and asked us a question. We ended up talking to him and befriending the guy. His name was Dave, from Alaska so we naturally he became Alaskan Dave. We drank with Alaskan Dave and he had a multitude of stories that would blow your mind, life is totally different in Alaska. Dave also showed us a pair of rollerblades he purchased on gumtree and the boys decided to take them for a little test drive. After they were done that, we made our way to Woody’s which is another bar in Byron. It was a Wednesday night and if you purchased a drink you received tickets and the tickets were entered in a draw to win a surf board. Unfortunately we did not win. The next morning, we checked out packed up and heading to our next destination – Gold Coast

The next blog will be about Gold Coast. Queensland.


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