Day 74 – Being Spontaneous

If any of you know me pretty well, you’ll know that I’m not much of a spontaneous person. In fact, I usually love a plan, actually I usually need a plan. I don’t really know what happened to the old Jenn but new Jenn is full of spontaneity.

Remember the guys from Vancouver Island I met in Bali? Well I’ve been keeping in contact with them throughout their travels and mine and they recently wanted to go to Maldives and I was going to join them, unfortunately Maldives doesn’t really cater to the budget backpacker group, as far as accommodations and stuff goes so that was out of the question. They were recently in Brunei and one girl (named Kait) from home that was with them was flying home from Singapore. She had only a couple hours to actually do something in SIngapore so I told them I would meet up with her and we’d go do something touristy like Marina Bay Sands, which is what we did. Anyways, so Colby (one of the guys, obviously) told me I should ice Kait (for those of you who don’t know what icing someone means it’s when you hide or place a smirnoff ice somewhere and then the person that finds it they have to get down on one knee and chug it). He told me to ice her even though I’ve never met her, so I went to 7-11 and bought something similar to smirnoff ice because the store didn’t have it. Kait and I met at an MRT station and I told her I brought her some local food – I put the bottle into a container which previously held my breakfast. We walked around a bit and Kait told me that Colby tried to get her to ice me, but she couldn’t find one anywhere so she couldn’t do it. After we figured out where we were going we went to Marina Bay Sands and before we went into the building I suggested that she eat it before we go inside. So I handed her the box and she opened it and was like ‘are you kidding me‘? She could not believe that I had just iced her. She took it like a champ and I was impressed, definitely a good start to our friendship. We went up to the top of Marina Bay Sands took some pictures and before we knew she was on her way. I went to the little cafe in the lobby to have a latte and a pastry so I could send the evidence to Colby that I had successfully iced Kait. After chatting with Colby and Cody (the other Canadian guy from Bali) for a little bit, Cody asked me how it felt to be almost on the road back home.

I told him that I canceled my flight home and I was meeting them in Sydney. He didn’t believe me but I assured him I was flying into Sydney on Tuesday at 4pm. I fooled them good they are still convinced that I just canceled my flight, didn’t tell anyone at home and just booked a flight back to Australia. Funny thing is, the more I kept thinking about it the more the idea sounded great. I got so excited about the little joke I was playing on them that I actually went back to my aunts house, emailed my parents told them my plans and last night it was done, flight canceled and one to Sydney booked. I’m flying back to Australia (Sydney) and we are going to drive up the coast. I couldn’t be more excited I’ve never ever in my life been this spontaneous. I don’t really have any plans except to move up the coast and that excites me.

To Cody and Colby – gotcha, even Kait was in on the fact that I was kidding about going to Sydney (at first). Can’t wait for this adventure.

Kait getting iced
Kait getting iced

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