Day 60 – Perth to Broome

I arrived in Perth a couple of days ago (on Friday to be exact). My friend Tim, one of the guys I met in Bali picked me up from the airport and we went to his house. On our way from the airport to his house we drove by a park that was close to where Tim lives, in the field there were a bunch of Kangaroos chilling and eating. It was a really cool experience and of course me being a typical tourist I had to take a picture. After putting my stuff away and meeting Tim’s parents we went outside where he was having the boys over for a BBQ. I met most of the boys and some of their girlfriends and we had a nice time. It was a little windy and I was a little tired so I went to bed just before midnight when some of the people were still there.
Yesterday was the lane way festival and we started the day off pretty early I got in the pool and chilled in the sun for about 15/20 mins and then we ate breakfast, eggs, bacon, tomatoes and toast…absolutely delicious! We went to one of the boys’ friends house named Bobby and we started drinking pretty early. The sun was blazing hot – it was lovely. We played some beer pong and even though started off strong we lost. We took a 10-seater taxi into Freo or Fremantle, where the festival was being held. I didn’t know any of the bands that were there, and after we got a drink we went to one of the stages where some guy, who was apparently pretty good was playing. He wasn’t very good, so after about a minute of listening to him we moved to another stage where we spent a good chunk of time, we saw two acts and they were pretty great. The rest of the day was good too, saw some more acts and when the sun went down it was pretty chilly. I was freezing. Tim and I looked around for where I could buy a jacket or a sweater and we went to one of the stalls that were located at the festival it was kind of a hippie joint… Tim asked her is she had a jumper for sale and she picked one out of a pile that was on the ground and said $20, and Tim was like no, $15, she was like alright, and he was like no $10 and she picked up another one and said you can have this on for $10 and he was like no I want that one for $10 (which was our original pick), and she was like okay. After she checked the pockets, Tim bought me the jacket (so nice of him – definitely didn’t have to do that, but it’s my new favourite souvenir). I should put a picture of it up but basically it’s like a chocolate brown suede and it’s white on the inside and kinda furry. After a while, I realised it was definitely used and didn’t have a zipper, we concluded that the lady that sold it to us took it off someone haha. After the festival we tried to catch a taxi back to Bobby’s but it was such a mission and we decided to take the train. After about an hour mission back to Bobby’s we chilled and drank (well the boys drank I sat there and was entertained). I was hungry and Tim told me I had to try Vegemite and I did with some toast and butter and to everyone’s surprise I didn’t hate it. I actually didn’t mind it and I think I would have it again. I may bring some home for everyone to try. We left and didn’t get back until 5am and I passed out as soon as I hit the pillow.

Today we had a very chill and relaxed day. I had some cereal for breakfast and then I had a lovely chat about school with Tim’s dad. After finalising a few details for the trip to Broome, we got distracted by youtube and ended up watching a few hilarious clips – after that we took a coastal drive and stopped at a look out point. Water was choppy and it was pretty windy I’m hoping to go to the beach once we are back from Broome. Then we just chilled with one of the boys and his girlfriend and came back to the house for dinner. I ate so much food; steak, peppers, salad, bread, and then after dinner I ate a fig (which was surprisingly delicious) and some cherries. We are just chilling out now watching a TV show on Schapelle Corby, an Australian who got caught smuggling weed into Bali. Tomorrow morning we are off bright and early to set off for our Broome road trip. It should take us two nights and 2 and a half days to reach Broome and we will be camping on the way up to Broome. It should be fun, minus the tropical low that’s coming in, we might be caught in some rain but should still be a good time. I won’t have internet until I get to Broome so I will be offline until Wednesday!



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