Day 56 – Flying out of Siem Reap

Yesterday was our last full day in Siem Reap. Since we didn’t have to get up early or attend a tour we decided to have a later start to the day. We walked around and did a little bit of shopping before lunch. I bought a dress, 4 shirts, 4 magnets and a table runner for US$18. After lunch we wanted to have a spa day and just pamper ourselves, after that traditional khmer massage the day before we thought we would try our luck with an auromatherapy massage instead. There were real massage tables at least, one where there’s a place/hole for your face when you’re lying down. The lady started off by massaging my legs. It was quite nice and I slowly drifted to sleep, while she was working on my second leg I twitched so hard in my sleep that one of my legs shot up in the air and smacked down on the massage bed. I started laughing silently and I heard her say something to the other massuse and they both started laughing. After my legs she moved onto massaging my back, i heard a creak coming from the masage bed moving and then next thing I knew was that the massuse was sitting on me massaging my back. It was so strange but ending up being good because she was able to use all of her weight into my massage. She flipped me over and started massaging the front part of my legs. She kept pulling the towel down to cover my feet but my boobs would slowly be exposed and she kept having to pull the towel back up, once again I started laughing to myself, this massage was also ridiculous, one good thing is that I wasn’t being pulled or twisted! After my massage we got a manicure and pedicure froma different place, and I picked a lovely coral colour because it brings out my tan. The mani & pedi was great and nothing too exciting or funny happened during this experience. Next we went to get our hair washed (yes, washed because our hotel doesn’t have hot water and it’s really difficult to wash your hair when you’re freezing and can’t really stand in the water). My aunt and I both got our hair washed. My aunt wanted her hair to be dried and not to be styled and I didn’t care, I just wanted my hair to be dried as well because it’s straight and I don’t really do anything to my hair ever. Both the ladies went to grab hair dryers thinking they would be blow drying both our hair. They plugged them in and both started blow drying my hair, basically abandoning my aunt. We looked at each other and died laughing at how ridiculous this was as well. We waited patiently for them to blow dry my hair, they both took half my hair and were pulling me this way and that way drying my hair and I wanted my hair to be blow dried straight and they both ended up doing slightly different things to my hair so it wasn’t the same on both sides. I just laughed, we paided them and left. I wore my new dress, had my nails and hair done and I felt nice haha. For dinner we went to a Khmer BBQ place we had eaten a couple nights before. Food was delicious as usual and we had ordered a drink for me and we were dicussing with the supervisor how much the corkage fee would be. After making friends with the supervisor and telling him he was great I asked him nicely where my drink was (it had been about 10 mins) and he looked at me, waved his hand and said ‘yea, later’. Confused we all looked at each other and started laughing so hard, he just looked back at us, laughed and ran away. It was so funny, my drink came about 10 mins later. We went back to the night market and back to the stall of one of the ladies I bought from the night before, she was so friendly and I really liked her. I bought a couple more things from her and we shared a couple more laughs. When we got back to the hotel, my aunt’s friends realized they left their wine bag at the restaurant on pub street, I volunteered to go and get it for them and my aunt gave me some money for my tuk-tuk ride. Usually we paid $2 for 4 people to go to pub street, so when I approached my first tuk tuk I told him I was going to pub street and that I would pay $1 he complied and took me there. Once I got off at pub street another tuk tuk driver asked me if I wanted a ride, I said not now, in a little bit and he was like okay okay I wait here, rolling my eyes I walked away. Once I grabbed the wine bag, I felt bad for walking away from this tuk tuk driver so I walked back and he jumped at my service. Unfortunately his friend was borrowing his tuk tuk and I had to wait, so I told him I would pay $1, and he was kind of cheeky and replied ‘for you, $2’, I laughed and said I got a ride for $1 on the way here and you’re making me wait for your friend to come back so I will pay $1, he laughed and said okay. They drove me back to my hotel, two on them in the tuk tuk with me and one driving it was fun and sometimes I can’t believe how young the people driving the tuk tuks are. That was really the end to my exciting day/night.

Today we fly back to Singapore and then I will have to unpack and repack again for Perth, I leave in the morning. I’m so excited to go to Perth and I can’t wait for the laneway festival. It’s going to be a great couple of weeks before I have to head home to the horrible snow and weather.



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