Day 52 – Off to Cambodia

This is going to be another one of those not-so-exciting blog posts but here goes. Last night, for the 2nd day of Chinese New Year we all went to my uncles house for a big family get together. There were so many relatives there I couldn’t even keep track.. like I don’t know half of them, I just walked around saying “Hi, Happy New Year…I’m Mary’s daughter” lol. Anyways, so traditionally for Chinese New Year, we eat and gamble. If you’re old enough to count and you have a $1 you can play. So we started off playing blackjack and after losing $10, busting 5 rounds straight I started to panic. In an attempt to shake up my bad luck I moved seats. This is when my cousin started investing money on my bets. I put in $2 he put in $4 and eventually I raised my stakes to $4, we started racking in the cash. After being up about $70 and losing two straight round I decided I didn’t want to press my luck, I walked away from the table and relaxed for a bit. I came back to play blackjack and lost a good portion of my earlier winnings. Later that night everyone started playing poker…my cousins and some of his friends plus more relatives were playing poker so I decided to join in and press my luck. Thank goodness for lady luck because there were some serious close calls, a few flushes that I only won because my card was higher. I ended up winning all the money I lost on blackjack plus a hell of a lot more. Needless to say I was happy at the end of the night. 

Today, my aunt, two of her friends and I are going to Siem Reap, Cambodia. We have a two day tour set up and I’m so excited to see Angkor Wat. Hopefully I will have some funny and exciting stories to share. The day after I get back I’ll be on my way to Perth and the 11 days I will have in Australia will DEFINITELY be interesting and I’m sure I will have more than a few stories to tell.



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