Day 51 – Day 2 of Chinese New Year

The rest of my visit in New Zealand wasn’t anything exciting. After getting back to Christchurch the night before my flight I walked to a cafe, had some food and read my book wasn’t anything too exciting. My flight to Singapore from Christchurch wasn’t direct and I had a connecting flight in Auckland. Unlike most connections where they directly transfer your checked bags to the next flight, I didn’t get that luxury and this was the first time  I had to get my bags and re-check them in. I mean it’s not that big of a deal, but it was just another one of those firsts to add to my list on this trip.  So after grabbing my bags in Auckland, I realized I was in the domestic terminal and I needed to find my way to the international terminal. I walked outside and I looked like a lost child, like I actually had no clue where I was going. I asked someone for directions and he pointed to the ground to a green line painted on the ground and told me to follow the green line all the way to the international terminal. So 10 mins later I was in the terminal and checking in.

When I arrived in Singapore I immediately made my way to my uncles house for reunion dinner for Chinese New Years Eve. Food was delicious as always and we did a little bit of gambling, I lost my $7 but I blame it on my lack of poker face and serious jet lag. After dinner I passed out cold and woke up for the traditional giving of angpows, which are little red packets of money that children and elders receive on Chinese New Year. The next day we visited one of my moms uncles and presented him with two oranges, which is tradition for the 1st day of Chinese New Year…it symbolizes prosperity. We visited for a while before making our way to my grandma’s house for lunch and to spend then day.

Last night, after visiting with my grandma and aunt, uncles and cousins all day I met up with my childhood best friend. After moving away 14 years ago, we haven’t really seen each other since and kind of lost contact, but thanks to Facebook we started chatting a couple years ago and last night we met up for the first time in ages. We went out with one of her friends and had a great night. I mean who can beat free drinks all night. It was fun, what we wanted to have a couple drinks and call it an early night but we were having such a great night we didn’t end up leaving til nearly 3am. Classic.

Today is the 2nd day of Chinese New Year and I’m going to my uncles for more food and gambling and tomorrow I’m flying out to Siem Reap in Cambodia with my aunt. I should get packing and ready for my day, so until next time…



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