Day 47 – Kaikoura Peninsula

It was a little warmer today than yesterday, not as much wind and a lot more sun. I got up a little earlier than I had than the day before and I had some toast with plum jam for breaky. This morning we walked from the house down a trail called Dempsey’s Track it took us to the bottom of the hill where we proceeded to walk along the coast into town. We walked up the one side of the town centre and down the other side in no time at all. On our way back before heading up the hill we stopped off at an ice cream stall, Poppy’s Real Homemade Ice Cream! Since New Zealand is well known for their dairy farms this sort of thing didn’t seem unusual and I definitely expected it to be good. She had a variety of homemade ice cream flavours I had a flavour called Hokey Pokey, which is a famous New Zealand flavour it was delicious. After munching away on the ice cream we made our way back up Dempsey’s Track to the house. We ate a very Kaikorian lunch, paua patties and crayfish it was delicious, we also had salad and some left over corn beef. After lunch we decided to go for a walk around the peninsula, yeah…we walked the entire peninsula. Although it was a long walk it was lovely. The views were absolutely spectacular as usual. We were walking up on one part of the track when I the distance we heard a group of laughing tourist, they were classic Asian tourists taking pictures and holding up the peace sign, as we walked passed them we heard them stopping again to take more touristy pictures, this time is was jumping and holding up the peace sign … I was extremely jealous and decided I wanted my own touristy Asian pic so for your enjoyment here is my picture.


We continues to walk around the entire peninsula and about three hours late made it back. I was and still am so very exhausted I almost fell asleep reading my book. For dinner we had freshly caught fish, some sausages, potatoes and veges and for dessert we had something that reminded me of Singapore it’s called sego gula Melaka …it was delicious! Tomorrow IF the weather Is nice and the water is warm spear fishing may be on the agenda and road trip back to Christchurch as I have to catch a flight out early Thursday morning to Singapore for Chinese New Year.




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