Day 45 – Recap of Sydney

I spent 10 days in Sydney, Australia and I wish I had more time there. From the moment I stepped outside of my cab from the airport I fell in love with the city. I was too early to check into my hostel and so I went to one of the many cafe’s Sydney had to offer in Pott’s Point where I stayed. Although the city was beautiful and I fell in love with it, it was definitely the people I met and the friends I made that made my time in Sydney extraordinary. Everyone in my hostel was extremely nice and I loved every single one of them, but over the last 10 days I spent most of my time we three specific people. All of them have a special place in my heart and I’m an extremely lucky girl to have been able to spend this time with them and create some awesome friendships. California Guy, New York Girl and a British Girl are the three people I spent the majority of my days with.

Besides the constant disappearing without saying a word, California guy was pretty cool. I understood his disappearance as part of his personality and independence and didn’t take offence when I would turn around and he’d be MIA, or when a group of us would be tossing the frisbee and he would turn and run for the ocean without saying a word. I enjoyed his company and was thankful that he had spoken to me on my first day. He has bright orange hair, yes he’s a ginger but I can assure you that he does have a soul. He’s a very quiet individual and the silence between us at times wasn’t awkward, we definitely had a lot to talk about. One day when we were the only ones able to spend the day doing the tourist attractions in Sydney, it was definitely fun. We went to the aquarium and while our conversation was intellectual, we often stopped talking to admire the sea creatures and I really enjoyed that part because he also understood that I enjoyed silence. Besides that one day we spend most days with the other girls, which was always so fun. I felt bad at times when he had to hear us talk about things girls ‘shouldn’t’ talk about hahaha. He tried convincing me to stay in Sydney longer and if I didn’t already have my flights to New Zealand booked I probably would have stayed. I felt bad because I was definitely stopping him and the other two girls from finding jobs because I just wanted to keep doing touristy things, in all honesty I didn’t really feel bad I was just glad they were able to join me. California guy is from Venice, near LA and I was always so intrigued by his stories and all the people he knew, made me definitely feel like I still have the WHOLE world ahead of me. It’s true, and I definitely want to take advantage of that before I will settle down. One thing that California guy said that got me thinking was that he was afraid he might not ever slow down and he will just keep wanting to travel and won’t be ready to settle down, and to be honest after this trip so far I kind of feel the same. I mean I’m sure I will slow down and be ready eventually, but there’s always that thought of what if I’m never ready? I guess time will tell. Throughout my blog I haven’t once used California guys name but I think y’all deserve to know that his first name is Dimitri. If you can’t guess by that name, he’s Greek, but he doesn’t have olive skin or dark hair…he’s white, well red since he never uses sunscreen and like I mentioned before orange hair haha. Definitely consider him a good friend and look forward to the next time our paths cross.

When I first saw New York girl I was like woah, this chick is cool. I loved her style and thank god for her on the first night when I was doing laundry and literally had NO clothes to go out in. After a couple days of talking and hanging out I was informed that she was a lesbian and after a few more hangouts I found out she thought I was a lesbian too. Complete compliment and I’m so glad we are friends. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much, I’m pretty sure my body hurts from laughing so much with this girl!! To make things better she’s Filipino, and she’s white-washed like me so making fun of Asians was something neither of us were offended by haha. I can’t remember the order of events but we went sailing together and NY sat beside me and while the lady was explaining all of the dangerous things about sailing we were killing ourselves laughing wondering what the hell we got ourselves into. Not even 10 mins on the boat and she was all bruised up – poor thing. The next three hours were painful but hilarious and I’m so happy we shared a near death experience together…like actually almost got eaten by the sea. We also went to a gay bar and it was my first experience at a gay bar too bad it was mainly guys and there wasn’t many girls. I know that even though it took a little bit to open up, NY girl and I will keep in touch and stay friends. It was both of our first experiences traveling alone and by the end of the week I was so sad to be leaving. New York girls names is Kim and she’s da bomb. I know you’re going to meet so many more people, none as cool as me but still you’ll make some other good friends and your year in Australia will be amazing.

Finally, my British girlfriend. Didn’t think I could ‘click’ and get along with someone so fast. I saw her when she first arrived at the front desk and gladly introduced myself as she set her stuff on the bunk below my bed. I invited her to the park to toss the ball with me Dimitri and Collin. Her accent killed me right away, and I immediately remembered having a British accent in first year. I knew this was going to be a friendship that consisted of me making fun of her accent. Since she arrived we basically spent every minute of the day together, I didn’t know I could tolerate someone for that long but apparently I can. Despite her age she is very mature and I respect her so much for being able to travel alone at only 18. She’s got a good head of her shoulders and I know that we will be very good friends, we’ve already planned to visit each other. Between her and Kim I’ve never laughed so much than these past 10 days. We totally understood each other and she definitely helped me dress up for nights out because I didn’t bring anything to wear. It is absolutely bonkers that we became so close in such a short period of time. She definitely said it best “we have a love hate relationship, I love you and you hate me” after I had stopped crying from laughing I nodded and agreed. Obviously it’s not true but I like to take a piss out of her (or however Brits say it … I like to make fun of her though). This girl had two other names before her current one and I so wish her parents kept Daisy haha but they didn’t and for the two days before she was named Maddie they called her baby haha.

No matter how composed I seemed to be yesterday during my goodbyes, I was actually completely torn up. After reading some emails, reminiscing from our days together and looking at our Facebook posts I not only teared up, but cried, silently in the corner of a cafe in Christchurch drinking my tea. I knew traveling would be full of goodbyes but I never thought they would be that hard. I am never going to forget these last 10 days and I hope you all know you hold a special place in my heart. Sounds so cheesy, I know, but I’m happy to call you all friends and can’t wait to see you all when our paths cross again.

Besides meeting these three in Sydney I also met some really great people in Bali and I know when I spend more time with them I will develop friendships as valuable as these. I will see the boys from Perth soon enough and the boys from Vancouver Island can probably expect me in the summer if they haven’t run off on their next adventure. In the meantime good luck to all fellow travellers,




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