Day 43 – Taronga Zoo

Today was my last full day in Sydney, and yes I am very sad. Not only have I met some incredible people but I have made some great friends over the last 10 days of being here. Last night I met up with my friend Jeenie from home and I’m so glad I got to see her. It was wonderful catching up and meeting one of her good local friends. I will definitely be coming back to visit her again if she stays here awhile. Last night we went to a bar called Ivy and it was huge. You know how Ivy kind of grows up walls and gets all intertwined in each other, well this bar was basically that – it was SO confusing and there were lines everywhere. I got stuck going up and down an elevator twice just to meet up with my friends in one of the rooms it was absolutely ridiculous. The bar itself had a couple  rooms that played different music, which was pretty cool because you could just leave and move into a different room if you weren’t feeling the music (given that you could leave the room and that it wasn’t THAT crowded). The middle dance floor on the main floor was outside and on the main floor there was a pool. Although the bar was probably one of the most expensive bars I’ve been too. I was also so happy that I got to meet up with my friend Jeff from home – it’s not everyday you get to see one, let alone two people from home in one night.

Today after a slow start to the morning, as usual we went to the zoo. We had to take a ferry ride there and by the time we got there it was almost 2pm. Maddie, my British friend had done something to her ankle and could not really walk so we decided to get her a wheelchair for the day. It was probably one of the funniest times I’ve had here in Sydney. First of all, the wheelchair wasn’t even one where she could wheel herself around. You know those airport trolleys where you have to squeeze the handle together to make it move or else the breaks will go on? YEAH, that’s what kind of wheelchair we had. So we HAD to wheel her around and I wasn’t able to let her roll down the hill – too bad hahah kidding, love that girl. The zoo could not have been more hilly, and walking up the hill would have been tiring but pushing her up the hill was a workout. When she first got into the wheelchair she was very apologetic and was sincerely sorry that we had to push her around, by the end of the day she was bossy on that wheelchair it was so funny. We ended up staying at the zoo until it said it was closing and we realized that we needed to book it or else we would miss the ferry back to the main city as well. Once we returned the wheelchair we started walking down the hill toward the ferry but Maddie was moving too slowly. We only have 250m to go but I told her to hop on my back so I could carry her to the ferry. After passing all of my stuff to California Guy, Maddie jumped on back and ran so far down the hill and I was about halfway when I couldn’t breathe because I was laughing and out of breath from running all at the same time. California guy and I switched roles and the other girls and I ran to the ferry to make sure we weren’t going to miss it. After we got on the ferry we realized that it wasn’t leaving for another 4 mins and all that running was totally unnecessary. I was laughing, coughing and wheezing far too much for my own good, but it is definitely a sign of a great day. Tonight is my last night out and I’m excited – tomorrow I’ll be hitting up the beach before my evening flight to Christchurch. CANNOT believe this chapter of my adventure is closing and another is about to begin.



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