Day 41 – adventuresssss

Where did I leave off? So, Monday … we went to the Blue Mountains, the train ride took a long time, and we were in one of the cars and talking and laughing…some older woman came up to us to inform us that we were in a quiet carriage, so we had to get up and leave so we could talk and not distract the other riders haha.  Once we arrived, we hiked to Leura Falls – probably one of the most breathtaking and beautiful hikes I have ever taken (I know, I know, I haven’t seen Western Canada and I can probably guess that it is just as, or more beautiful than the Blue Mountain hike…but for now, the Blue Mountains win). Our hike was long and we walked up and down many stairs. We found a cool spot along the waterfall to have lunch, which was awesome. We took a bunch of really great pictures, some are on my camera and will have to wait until I have my computer to upload them. The train ride was long, about 2 hours so we chilled on the train and relaxed after our long day of walking. That night, we went to get $10 steaks, yes, $10 – such a good deal…came with salad and mashed potatoes. I wasn’t expecting a big steak because…well, it’s Australia  and nothing here is that cheap. To my surprise the portions were big and very satisfying. There was also triva that night and seeing as my table was two Americans, me and an English girl and we could not decide on a team name I just suggested that we were called ‘Merica…we sucked. Later that night was 2 for 1 drinks and well let’s just leave it at that night got out of hand.

The next morning, I cannot understand how I dragged myself out of bed and to the beach. Actually I can, I love the beach, but I wasn’t in any state to do a 4 km walk from Coogee to Bondi beach. I did it anyways, it was great. I thought the walk was going to be a little more scenic, but it was still fabulous. There are so many beaches here in Sydney and I wouldn’t have it any other way, I absolutely loved it. We passed by cliffs and climbed on them, we also passed by a huge cemetery right up on the side of a big hill. The graves were old, some were 40 years old some were 80 years old it was incredible how beautiful the cemetery was. We continued our walk and ended at Bondi beach where we stopped to have lunch, and chill on the beach for the rest of the afternoon. That night we went out for drinks for one of the guys in the hostels birthday. We went to a couple bars, and upstairs of the second bar was a silent disco, probably one of the coolest experiences ever. Everyone is given wireless headphones and there is a button you can press to change your song between the two choices. It’s amazing that everyone is dancing and singing, but if you took off your headphones there was no music, and it was incredible to hear everyone singing the songs that were playing through the headphones. Definitely something I would do again.

Wednesday, or yesterday… I planned on having a relaxing day since the weather wasn’t the greatest. A girl in my room, from New York told me that California guy was going sailing and that she was going to join –  I thought that was pretty cool. I went downstairs to grab breakfast and when I was waiting for my order I ran into California guy and I asked him if he was going sailing and he invited me to join. So 20 mins later we were walking to the Sailing club just down the road from where we were sitting. California guy, New York girl, two British girls and I were part of the sailing crew for the day. Also, I found out on our way we were going to be in a race, a long race…like three hour race. Thinking I was just going to be relaxing on a sail boat, my hopes were quickly crushed when the lady started telling us all the things we needed to do during the race. First thing is that the middle beam is called a boomyes…a boom because when it hits you…it makes a BOOM and it hurts. Basically the 5 of us were meant to be weights on the boast, so when the sail moved to one side we all had to crawl under the boom to the other side. To top it all off the lady that was explaining everything was like “sailing is a dangerous sport and you have willingly participated in it and if you don’t like the sounds of that you can just hop overboard and swim back” and she wasn’t really laughing. Why she told us when we were already out to sea was beyond me, all I knew was that it was too late to turn back. The race was long, but so nice because we were sailing around the Sydney Harbour. Not many people can say they’ve been in a sailboat race in the Sydney Harbour, I’m definitely glad I can say that. When the race was over we were all relaxed and happy, until suddenly they said heads and we all ducked and the boat was literally at a 90 degree angle to the water, like perpendicular both my legs fell right into the water and all of us were holding on for dear life and had to try to climb on the other side of the boat to balance out the weight. I guess it was a cool near death experience, but I definitely don’t want to be almost eaten by the sea. It was a great experience, but I don’t think I would go again, unless we weren’t going to race and it was just relaxing. Last night, I went to my friend Emily’s for a BBQ and I had Kangaroo and sausages, such a great meal and we topped it off with some incredible gelato. Last night we went out in Surry Hills and I had my first ever gay bar experience and it was pretty good. Vibe is obviously a little different than other bars, but it was definitely a nice change to guys dancing all over girls.

Needless to say, the last couple of days have been a blast! Today I’m going to bondi again, maybe going to surf and then going out in the city with my friend Jeenie – cannot wait to see her!!



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