Day 37 – balmoral beach

Saturday night in Sydney is beautiful. The opera house, and the harbour bridge is lit up and at 9 pm there are fireworks at darling harbour. I went to the Sydney tower eye last night as well and it was lovely! Such a fun filled tourist day with California guy – lots of fun!! Ended the night going out to celebrate a fellow Canadians last night out. Last night was fun, like all nights out in Australia so far. I finally met a girl that I get along with really well and she’s from England (which means I always do an accent around her when she says funny words like bollocks or knickers). Last night we went out to a bar in the city and we danced until the wee hours if the morning. What a great night.

Today I dragged myself out of bed and met up with my friend Emily who I worked with at camp when we were younger. She lives in Sydney and her boyfriend and her took me to Balmoral beach where we ate some lunch and did a little bit of snorkelling. I’ve never snorkelled before and it was a great experience. I didn’t use flippers because they didn’t really fit me and I was like screw that. The water was warmer than I expected and there was a lot of seaweed. Snorkelling was a weird experience though, the feeling of your mouth and nose underwater for an extended period of time without coming up for air was strange. I actually found myself coming up for air and realizing I didn’t need to. There was a lot of seaweed and I definitely didn’t like the feeling of the seaweed on my stomach. Once the seaweed cleared and the ocean bed got deeper the temperature was instantly colder, and it freaked me out when I couldn’t see the bottom. There were many fish in the water, some medium sized but most were small and I noticed A LOT of sea urchins – because I didn’t wear flippers I had to be extremely careful that I wasn’t going to step on one. I was too anxious to dive down but maybe next time I snorkel I will try doing that.

Tomorrow, a bunch if us backpackers from the hostel are hiking up the blue mountains and going to Laura Falls to swim. I can’t wait for it.



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