Day 36 – Another Touristy Day

Day 4 in Sydney and yet another day full of touristy events. California guy (from a previous post) and I went to the Sydney Aquarium and it was pretty cool.  There were a lot of cool fish and crustaceans, and of course some pretty cool sharks and stingrays. We also got some pretty cool pictures taken at the beginning… it’s a great thing that I was wearing GREEN on a green screen….. I was a floating head and it was fabulous. I will make a blog of pictures soon. After walking around the aquarium I found some food that wasn’t too pricey…although I still think $7 for a sandwich is a little ridiculous, but what can you do? We also went to the Wild Life Park which was also pretty great. Saw some Kangaroos and Koalas that were soooooo cute. Loved it. After walking for almost 6 hours, we are just relaxing before going to the third and final attraction of the day – the Sydney Tower. We want to get there for sun fall because that will be so pretty.

Tomorrow, I will be going to some beach (which I’ll know tomorrow – so stayed tuned for that) and I think I’m going to try the stand up paddle boards because those things are sweet. You could say I’m living the dream here… I sure feel like I am.. I never want to leave (sorry mom).




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