Day 35 – Manly Beach

I got all my days mixed up, apparently I can’t count so today might not even be day 35 but I blogged yesterday and yesterday’s title was Day 34 so today is day 35. Yesterday, I walked around Sydney for 4 hours, yes…4 hours. But I got to see the lovely Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and I walked through some of the shops and obviously didn’t buy anything because it’s so expensive. Last night we went out with a bunch of people from the hostel and also a bunch of people from other hostels.

Today I woke up still drunk from last night’s pub crawl. A sure sign of a great night. After pulling myself together, having a nice breakfast and taking a shower we headed to Manly Beach. We had to walk to circular quay to catch a 30 min ferry to Manly. First, I hate ferries because I get seasick. It sucks, so after popping a motion sickness pill and finding a spot on the open deck I embraced myself for what could be the worst 30 mins of this trip so far. Luckily the water was pretty smooth and I didn’t feel sick on the ride. We walked off the ferry and followed the crowd to the beach. We decided we wanted to go on a walk so we followed the path that lead us to a trail. It was a very hot walk and after walking for a little while we reached some cliffs that over looked Manly and the surrounding beaches. We hopped over the fence and started climbing on the unfenced cliffs – I know, exciting right! Living on the edge (haha get it..? okay not that funny, but puns are great). After a new pictures we continued out walk to find that the end of the trail does not lead to the ocean, a beautiful cove or a beach. The end of this trail in the Sydney Harbour National Park led us to a road. We followed the road back to Manly where we walked around looking at the shops (I bought some cool cheetah print pants). We ended the trip to Manly by relaxing on the beach, unfortunately we couldn’t really swim since the currents were so strong and there were signs saying no swimming. We still went in for a bit, such rebels. After an exhausting day I’m finally taking it easy tonight because I can bet we will be going hard the next two nights.

Tomorrow we will be going to the zoo and the aquarium – I’m so excited, I’m like a little kid in a candy shop when it comes to the zoo and I absolutely love aquariums. 




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