Day 34 – Sydney

So I’ve been in Sydney for about 24 hours and I can confidently say that in that time I’ve already made ore than a few rookie mistakes! mistake #1 – I totally underestimated HOW expensive Australia is especially cabs. Instead of looking for the bus or a shuttle to take me to the hostel I decided I would take a cab. Considering the airport is about 10 km from the city centre I decided that the cab ride shouldn’t be too expensive! OH BOY WAS I WRONG! $53 later I arrived at my hostel. Since my flight arrived fairly early the reception desk wasn’t open yet so I walked down the street to a little café for breakfast. After the reception was open I checked in and put my bags in storage. I was going to start my first day walk around the city Aline but I’m glad some people started talking to me and I ended up going to Bondi beach for the day. This led to rookie mistake #2! When you’re in Australia you need sunscreen. I don’t care if you think you don’t need it… You do!! Yesterday I wore sunscreen for the first time in god knows how long I actually put it on TWICE and … I still got burnt! I actually need to learn how to put sunscreen on evenly because my burns are just awful..don’t forget your feet, neck and ears all those places burn! Another thing to remember is that there’s basically no ozone layer in Australia so if you don’t wear sunscreen, actually even if you do wear it you will still burn. Advise: buy sunscreen AND aloe!

I booked a room in a hostel with 10 beds and a private bathroom – it’s all girls and I figured this would be good because sometimes It’s hard for girls to meet one another and get along….don’t ask what it is but it’s difficult for female traveling alone to make friends withrls a group of girls (it is just so intimidating)! And plus a group of girls would never approach a single girl. So I figured by being in a room full of girls would kind of set up this atmosphere where girls would have to interact and talk to each other. boy, was I wrong! I walked upstairs to my room and I introduced myself to the three girls that were in the room! The feeling was cold and unwelcoming (one of e three girls is actually really nice) but I immediately felt like oh boy this was a bad idea. I walked back downstairs and immediately asked if there were any mixed rooms I could move into. Unfortunately there are no mixed rooms available until Friday so for now I’m sticking it out. On the bright side I met three Americans one from California, and yes my initial thoughts were he’s totally a surfer, a Jew from New York City like upper west side New York and a guy from Chicago (who has a real Chicago accents when he’s drunk lol). Those guys are great fun! I also met another Canadian girl and I’m so glad I got to spend the day with her and unfortunately she had to leave last night!

Today is my second of 10 days in Sydney and I don’t really have any plans for time here but I know I want to hit up with main tourist attractions. I think today I’m going to walk around the city and see the opera house and walk along the coast.there are free city tours daily so I may hop in on one of those. I also want to go to the aquarium, zoo, blue mountains and get as much beach time as I can while I’m here. I want to surf again and the waves and the beaches here are absolutely breath taking! Can’t wait to meet more people and have an adventure of a life time. I’ve been here for just over 24 hours and I’m already trying to plan when I’m coming back again!!



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