Day 29 – birthday

Well, today is my 22nd birthday and I’m lucky enough to be in Bali. Last night I met some Canadian guys and to my surprise I stayed out and celebrated my birthday and I even met up with my Australian friends I had met the night before! I had a lot of fun but of course your birthday is never the same without your closest friends. I am certainly thankful that I met some really great guys to celebrate my birthday with. I kicked their ass in a couple games (naturally) and of course I got made fun of (no surprise there). I really had a good time, got to dance a little and I even got into more than one intelligent conversation about politics and world issues (who does that?….well me obviously but still). It was fun!

I wanted to go out again tonight but unfortunately it’s 40 mins away and I need to get up early for white water rafting tomorrow! I’m excited for that and I might even try to surf in Kuta on Monday but we shall see! I can’t believe this week has flown by so quickly already and I leave for Sydney on Tuesday! I cannot thank Jackie enough for hosting me in Bali :). I’ve already done a lot of thinking on this trip and I know that I want to continue traveling because I am absolutely in love with traveling to new places and I’m really not ready to start my career yet!



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