Day 24 (I think) – rain, rain go away!

Contrary to my dear friend Kate’s advise of packing TWO pairs of shorts MAX, I just couldn’t do it (sorry girlfriend hahaha)! I packed 4.. But I couldn’t decide!! I know horrible. Anyways, other than that I’m all packed still with some room for souvenirs! I’m so excited and ready to embark on the next part of my adventure. Cannot wait to see some family friends and some other friends throughout this journey! The only person from home I’ve seen on this trip so far is my dear friend, peanut head! We didn’t have a lot of time to hangout but walking around a very dead Ho Chi Minh city on Friday night was good – glad I got to see him on this trip!

Tomorrow I am departing for Bali, flying into Denpasar. I will be meeting up with our family friend Jackie and I cannot wait! I am excited to explore Bali and of course soak up the sun and relax on the beach! My next stop will be the beautiful and sunny Sydney. I get to spend 10 days exploring the city, walking along the beaches and doing a few day trips! I’m hoping to meet up with a couple of friends along the way! Then Christchurch, I’m thankful that my parents have friends in the most beautiful parts of the world. I never imagined that I would be traveling to New Zealand at 22 (I’ll be celebrating my birthday in Bali). Even though it will be a short trip to New Zealand I’m happy to be spending it with an amazing family. Then I’ll be heading back to Singapore so I can celebrate Chinese New Year with my family and hopefully meet up with my childhood best friend, who will be visiting Singapore from Switzerland I’m too excited.

It has already been more than 20 days since I’ve left home and I have 40 to go – it seems like a lot but time has been flying by so quickly!! I’m glad I have this blog so that I can share my adventure with everyone! I’m so grateful that I’m able to stay at my aunt while I’m in Singapore – my family here has been nothing but amazing 🙂 and if course my parents and sister have been great too. One thing is FOR SURE though, if it wasn’t for my amazing friend Kate for telling me to start a savings account I would not be here AT ALL !

Can’t wait to share the rest of my trip with everyone! Enjoy the snow and cold Canada – that is one thing I’m not missing right now



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