Day 12 – Christmas Day

It’s 10:30am on Christmas morning here in Singapore. The weather is slightly cloudy, but 28 degrees and as usual feels like 40. This clearly doesn’t compare to home as it is -13 and feels like -20. I got spoiled today as I do every christmas, and it was lovely spending Christmas eve with all my cousins, we bonded over ham and turkey, pictionary (my cousin Ryan and I dominated – not surprising at alland recording ourselves saying happy birthday in Chinese for my grandmother’s 80th birthday party. 

I haven’t blogged in a little while because I’ve been so busy – I am finding it harder and harder to remember to message my friends who are 13 hours behind me! By the time I’m done my day I’m exhausted and I always fall asleep before they wake up. I was fortunate enough to FaceTime my boyfriend this morning and wish his whole family Merry Christmas that was really great. I wasn’t able to spend my 4th christmas with them physically but I was able to at least see everyone and say hello, which definitely means a lot. I also have been able to chat with some of my best girls and they are just great !! So glad I have amazing friends at home.

Yesterday, I went downtown and bought some postcards, which I have started to write. I know, I know it’s kind of cheesy because we have so much technology now but I really wanted to send a few handwritten postcards because why not haha. Since we’ve gotten back from Malacca and have been in Singapore, nothing too exciting as happened, we’ve eaten a lot of food, we’ve seens family and family friends and we’ve gone shopping. We haven’t done a lot of tourist things yet haha. Today we will be walking down Orchard Rd to see the beautiful Christmas lights. 

I’ve booked my flights for the next month and I’m so excited – heading to bali, sydney and christchurch before coming back to Singapore 




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