Day 7 – Malacca 2.0

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday, we had a nice breakfast in the hotel and then we took a shuttle ride to the centre of Malacca. Did you know? Malacca is a World Heritage City… how neat it that?. The first thing we did was take a trishaw ride through the town and we passed a number of historical buildings. Then we walked around to some of the little stalls before heading over to eat some chendol – it is an ice dessert (just delicious). After that and a little more shopping down the local streets we stopped for lunch – we had chicken rice balls (no, not chicken balls, chicken rice balls – google that too if you’re not sure what it is)….it’s legitimately chicken rice compressed in a ball haha. After lunch, you can probably guess what we did… more shopping! After a long day of walking around we came back to the hotel for a little rest before getting dolled up for drinks and dinner for moms birthday. A lovely 5 course meal was served by the hotel followed by some bonding time with the family doing some karaoke. Let me tell you something… I haven’t laughed that hard in a LONG time – the best part is… there is video evidence (hehehe). 

Today, so far has been a little slower. I woke up had some breakfast and went to the spa for a massage and a pedicure. It was lovely, exactly what I needed after the semester I just had! Then I met up with my mom sister grandma and aunt for a little bit of …shopping  and of course lunch. Now I’m back at the hotel about to have a little swim before we get ready for dinner and go to Malacca’s Night Market. Should be great – then an early night tonight before we head back to Singapore in the morning. 


My aunt and I on the Trishaw


Sister, Aunt, Grandma, Mom, and I outside one of Malacca’s historic areas.


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