Day 4 – lost track of the days

I think I’m on day 4 but I can’t keep track of the days due to all the traveling we have done. After over 30 hours of traveling we made it to singapore on time and enjoyed a huge dinner with family. It was great seeing everyone. I basically crashed right after dinner I was so tired, and still pretty jet lagged. Woke up at 2:30 and finally fell back asleep at 4:30pm. Today we woke up went for breakfast, walked around, went for lunch and now we are all back at my uncles place. Everyone is napping and I will do that shortly as well. Tonight drinks and dinner – (literally all we do is sleep and eat … I don’t hate it). The weather is 31 degrees, but feels like’s partly cloudy. I enjoy it much more than I enjoy -15 degree weather. It would be fun to go skating on the ponds now that they’ve froze, but I think I’ll survive. 

Tomorrow we are going on a family trip to Malacca in Malaysia. I’m excited! We are going to be celebrating my mom’s birthday! Once we are back from that trip we will be checking into our service apartment for the remainder of my parents and sister’s stay and then I will stay with whoever wants me haha! I haven’t really made plans as to where I want to go after my parents leave and I really need to make a decision soon! I’m definitely going to try and make it to Bali, New Zealand and Australia, but I do want to be in Singapore for Chinese New Year!! 


Here is the picture of our first meal in Singapore 


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