Last First Day!

It’s been months since my last post, but since I’m cooking dinner and waiting for my salmon and rice to be ready I might as well blog about something. 

Tomorrow is Monday, it’s the first day of the Fall 2013 semester at Laurier. It is also my LAST first day of my Undergraduate Degree. scary, I know. I am looking forward to this semester, but I also have a lot of mixed feelings. For one thing, I only have one class for an hour tomorrow so it won’t even feel like I have school. Second, this week will make or break my semester. I’m planning my trip and I will be leaving December 14th, which is RIGHT in the middle of the exam period. I’ve only seen one course outline so far and no exam!!

In a few weeks I will be applying for my masters and throughly planning out my trip. Time is flying by faster and faster!! Eeeek!


Until next time,




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