Summer School

It’s never a dull moment when you’re taking school in the summer.. right? 

Who am I kidding? I’ve never been so bored writing a paper, maybe because it’s 11pm, or maybe because it’s on a subject I’m not that into, or maybe because it’s summer and it’s a Thursday night and I wish I was at Stampede Corral. 

As much as I enjoy reflecting on the transition from civil war to peace in El Salvador and contemporary church in Latin America and its use of liberation theology, there is nothing more I’d rather do right now than get in my bed and sleep. It’s a good thing I’m a fantastic procrastinator (hence why I’m writing this blog instead of finishing my paper). I only have a few more sentences to go before I can crawl into bed and watch some Californification on Netflix.

School in the summer isn’t so bad, until you actually have to do work, like writing papers. I should probably get started on that since it’s worth 30% of my mark and it’s due next Sunday. The problem with summer school is that I either want to go out or watch shows and I never want to be productive. At least with Spanish I could watch a show and write out cue cards, but with online classes it’s kind of hard to split the screen. 

I have to get my grind on with the paper though, I really cannot afford to throw a good mark away, from here on out every percent counts! Which leads me to my next set of concerns.. as soon as I’m done summer school, I need to switch directly into “get prepared for applying for you masters” mode. Where did the time go? Seriously, it felt like just yesterday I got rejected from my top three school and accepted into Laurier and McMaster. AND I’m beyond happy that I didn’t get into my top three choices because I would have never gone to Laurier.. which has been the best years of my life. 

AND without Laurier I would have never gotten my job, which is the best job ever. Working at a golf course is too much fun!! Great boss, great staff, great members.

Well, I guess I should finish up, read over, edit and hand in my paper

Until next time,



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