Internet Deprived

I have been without internet for almost a week and I’ve realized how depend I am on it, I have been using my phone’s 3G network but I’m finally glad I’ve been able to get on the internet!

I dated this blog from Thursday May 2, 2013, as I do not have access to Internet currently, so I’m blogging offline until they can be uploaded (which is now because you’re reading this)


Yesterday I moved into my new place for the summer. I’ve visited Ezra apartments before and I knew they were nice but moving into an Ezra apartment building was great! I was surprised at how productive I was yesterday; I unpacked everything and found a home for most of my things. It was nice spending time with the girls last night and they got to see my new place!


Katie got to stay with me my very last night at my old apartment and she got to stay with me my very first night in this apartment!! It has been GREAT having her stay with me and I’m so happy I’ve gotten to spend so much time with her before she heads back to her sloth-loving boyfriend down under (He’s a lucky one!!). Today we went to Niagara Falls and it was the perfect day, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun was shining! We planned to wake up at 9am and be on the road by 10, being the early birds that we are, Katie and I woke up at 8am and we were all ready to go by 9am, so naturally we hit to road early! We stopped off at Tim Horton’s for a breaky sandy and a large ice coffee. The car ride was smooth sailing with no traffic and we made it to Niagara Falls in great time! We drove around and found parking at Fallsview Casino for only $5!! We could not pass up the deal! After parking we walked toward the falls, it was pretty chilly in the morning and really windy, and we had to hold down our dresses a few TOOO many times! The falls were beautiful and I had an absolute blast with one of my CLOSEST friends!


Niagara falls is the best place to go for a day trip!! We didn’t do much but it was too nice to not stay outside, so we spent the day walking the strip and visited a few shops! We also went up the Niagara Sky Wheel we were able to see Niagara from above and it was awesome! It was only necessary to go around twice so that you’re able to capture everything, but we went around 4 times and to me that was a little much.


The day could not have been better and after spending the morning walking around outside in Niagara, we decided to end the day off with a little shopping! After a smooth drive back to Waterloo and a short hangout Katie and I said our goodbyes! Although her visit was short I’m so glad I got to spend so much time with my twwwinn! 


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