Eight Months Left

I haven’t blogged in ages and that’s because I’ve been literally swamped up to my neck with things to do – including a million essays and exams. I finally finished my last exam today and boy was that ever a relief. I’ve literally been so stressed for the past month and a half and now I’m stressed with packing up my room as I get ready to move. 

I felt really productive today, I got some boxes and I’ve successfully packed all of my shoes and my clothes into boxes and containers, I need to get rid of a lot of clutter still, which I’m not looking forward to and I also need to take apart my furniture. 

Although moving will be stressful, I am so ready for this summer and I’m looking forward to the next eight months. In eight months I will be DONE my undergrad I cannot believe how fast time has passed, but I’m extremely excited about it. I’m excited for all the new adventures that are headed my way. 

This year has been tough but I’m glad I got through it, summer term starts in two weeks, and I’m excited to learn Spanish

Until next time,



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