I feel like I haven’t blogged in ages.

I guess I just have nothing to say – or I’ve been out and about keeping busy this reading week. I think I found something to blog about tonight though. I am so thankful, I don’t think I express this enough. I am so thankful for all the people in my life, family, the good friends, my bosses, and of course my boyfriend. 

This week was reading week and I kept myself busy, between studying, marking labs, spending time with friends and family I haven’t had much time to stop and think. This week started out with family day – unfortunately my dad was away and so he was unable to join us on our family adventure. It wasn’t much of an adventure because my mom, sister and I went to see a chick flick (Safe Haven) – I recommend it, it was wonderful.

How could I forget the week ACTUALLY started on SUNDAY when my boyfriend brought me a bouquet of roses as well as candy and chocolates…our post-valentines date date because I was studying on valentines day!!

ANYWAYS, Tuesday I went to the Mandarin with some of my good friends. I am so thankful to have them! I haven’t kept up with a lot of high school friendships but I am so glad I’ve kept in touch with these girls. 

Thursday and Friday were awesome. Logan and I went to Toronto and we acted like true tourists. It’s funny because I’ve lived here for 12 years and Logan has lived in the GTA his whole life and we both visited the CN Tower for the first time!!! It was a blast – once I got past being a little claustrophobic (because they literally PACK the elevator), it was a lot of fun. To my surprise the glass floor was actually so scary!!!

We also visited the Hockey Hall of Fame. (which I have also never been to). That was neat. Thursday night we went to The Real Sports Bar and Grill right by the ACC for dinner and that was also enjoyable.

Friday we went to the Auto Show and once again it was another FIRST. We literally signed up to win SO much free gas for a year and I hope we win it – that would be AWESOME.

I am so thankful that I got to spend those two days with my favourite guy. He’s the best and I had so much fun.

I am also so thankful for my jobs (regardless of how much work can suck sometimes), last night and today I worked at two of my different jobs and I am just thankful I have a source of income. 

Tonight I spent the night with one of my closest friends – we are still as silly as we used to be! It’s so refreshing to come home and just chill and have a good time with a great friend.

Overall, I am just thankful for everyone in my life (even you too Maddie.. yes i mentioned you in my blog) haha! 

Tell the people you care about that you care and tell them often!

Until next time, 



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