Reading Week

So….it’s reading week and do you know what I’ve done since I’ve been home? NOT reading.. I’ve been looking up master’s programs and I think I’ve decided on a few WOO… and I’ve been looking up trip destinations.. I should really start my readings considering it IS reading week and I’m SO behind but nah.. It’s way more fun to look up places to visit it Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia.. hell.. even Australia I watched this cool video about Surf Camp Australia – it is definitely on my bucket list to learn to SURF.

Oh the things I want to do when I’m away – first of all I’m not traveling to be a tourist – well..okay I am but to a certain extent.. I want to emerge myself in the culture too! I want to visit these ancient and sacred temples in Cambodia and Indonesia and Thailand, I want to eat the local food/delicacies and I want to meet local people – see what they do for a living.

In Australia I want to snorkel in the barrier reef, I want to learn to surf and I want to site see.. I guess in Australia I want to be a full blown tourist. I also want to visit one of my BEST friends and get her to take me out on the town.

I’m so wrapped up and lost in my thoughts of travel but I need to come back to reality and face the fact that i need to get through school first!!


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